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The "worry free and active service" activity of SINOTRUK was launched in Wuhan

the "worry free and active service" activity of SINOTRUK was launched in Wuhan

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recently, the 2015 "worry free and active service" user return visit and vehicle physical examination national trip of SINOTRUK Jinan commercial vehicle company was officially launched in Wuhan. The first is located in Wuhan Yangluo sidar logistics company

in 2014, the company selected sinotruk new Steyr M5G after many investigations in the weak operation year of the domestic mining market. The driver panjianjun said that the choice of SINOTRUK M5G was the mc07 engine carried by the car. The fuel consumption of the new car was still 100 kilometers during the running in period, which was l lower than that of the same type of vehicle. Choosing SINOTRUK M5G with Mann technology engine was really the right choice

the working group team of Jinan commercial vehicle company came to the fleet site of sidar logistics company to guide the maintenance technicians at the service station to carry out the inspection, maintenance and loading of vehicles to a fixed load. They taught the drivers the concept of family service of SINOTRUK, the requirements of worry free service, the technical standards and requirements of vehicle inspection and maintenance, the structure and technical level of mc07 engine and inspection methods. The industrialized nano materials are mainly chemical synthesis and the precautions for use, and the operation of EOL detection tools

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