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Sinovel wind power exhibition industry event boosts the innovation and development of the wind power industry

Sinovel wind power exhibition industry event boosts the innovation and development of the wind power industry

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from October 22 to 24, at the 2014 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and exhibition, Sinovel wind power technology (Group) Co., Ltd. comprehensively displayed to the industry and exhibitors the fruitful achievements Sinovel wind power has made since taking root in the wind power field for many years, and worked with industry experts Industry peers discussed the future development of China's wind power industry

as a practitioner and witness of the development of China's wind power industry, Sinovel wind power has always adhered to technological innovation as a foothold and made a number of major breakthroughs in the field of large-scale wind turbine technology research and development. Since the launch of the first 3MW wind turbine with independent intellectual property rights in China in 2008, 3MW, 5MW and 6MW series of power friendly wind turbines have been launched in succession. At the same time, the research and development of 10 MW wind turbines with independent intellectual property rights, which are completely independently developed by Sinovel wind power, is progressing smoothly. It is reported that Sinovel wind power currently has hundreds of patents that are not allowed for such distortion, including more than 10 invention patents. It leads the industry in the field of fan manufacturing with technological innovation

Yu Jianjun, senior vice president of Sinovel wind power, mainly introduced Sinovel's achievements in the field of offshore wind power. 4. After sample preparation, it should be parked in the experimental environment for 20 ~ 40min and then tested. According to his introduction, the installed capacity of Sinovel wind power offshore reached 170MW, accounting for 39.7% of the domestic market, ranking first in the market. At the same time, Sinovel wind power has built a core offshore wind power new material industry as the basic research and development and operation and maintenance team for the development of manufacturing industry. The rapid follow-up of a batch of emerging new material enterprises has formed a complete operation and maintenance system, accumulating valuable project operation and management experience for the rapid development of offshore wind power in China

speaking of future development, Yu Jianjun believes that the wind power industry, as the most promising new energy, is developing towards large-scale and characteristic with the continuous acceleration of technological upgrading. At the same time, wind power is gradually developing from supplementary energy to the main alternative energy, and its proportion in the power system will rise steadily, and its position as a strategic emerging industry will gradually become prominent. This undoubtedly creates a promising development space for wind power enterprises, including Sinovel wind power, and Sinovel wind power industry will integrate its comprehensive advantages and contribute to the development of China's wind power industry

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