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SINOTRUK t5g special vehicle Hubei Suizhou is popular with users

<12. Beam speed conditioning range (mm/min):1 (5) 00P> SINOTRUK t5g special vehicle Hubei Suizhou is popular with users

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in order to make sinotruk man technology 5 platform products introduced into Suizhou as soon as possible, In June, Wuhan Branch of China National Heavy Duty Truck Sales Department and Suizhou Sanfeng Heavy Duty Truck Sales Co., Ltd. held the "promotion conference of China National Heavy Duty Truck man5 technology platform products" in Suizhou. Leaders and announcement ministers of local refitting plants in Suizhou adjusted passive needle compression spring screws and sales ministers to participate in this activity

as early as 2007, Suizhou, Hubei Province, was awarded the title of "capital of special purpose vehicles in China" by China Machinery Industry Federation. It is the production base of special purpose vehicles with the fastest development speed, the most complete variety series and the most powerful in China. The main models of the products introduced and exhibited this time are all national five products, including urban sanitation, dangerous goods series and other chassis. The promotion meeting kicked off in the national five product introduction. The meeting mainly explained the market background of t5g development, the excellent performance of mc05 and mc07 engines, and the obvious advantages of t5g chassis compared with competitive products. In the subsequent user trial ride, representatives of various refitting plants spoke highly of the comfort and luxurious appearance of t5g

through this promotion meeting, the refitting units in Suizhou learned more about the new products of heavy duty truck, and became more interested in the technical products of heavy duty truck Manman. They all said that they would announce on the sample vehicle

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