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China Heavy Duty Truck: youth positive energy, true feelings, warm winter

the Spring Festival is approaching, the Youth League Committee of China Heavy Duty Truck Group has conducted an investigation on the young workers who must pay attention to making the sample lead vertical units difficult, further understand the current situation of young people with difficulties at the grass-roots level, grasp their urgent demands, and actively establish a working mechanism to help and support young workers with difficulties

recently, Cao Jian, deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee of the group, and his party drove dozens of kilometers to visit the homes of some young employees in difficulties, and sent condolences money, oil, rice, noodles and other condolences

during the visit, Cao Jian kindly inquired about the study, work and life conditions of young people with difficulties, encouraged them to establish confidence in overcoming difficulties, face the experimental schedule positively and optimistically, live according to needs, work steadily based on their posts, contribute youth positive energy to the development of the enterprise in the new era, and send greetings and blessings of the Spring Festival, They felt the warmth of the Communist Youth League and the care of the Department of raw materials industry of the enterprise family to earnestly implement the spirit of the 109th CPC National Congress

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