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Sinotruk new Steyr Handan taste meeting won 117 orders

sinotruk new Steyr Handan taste meeting won 117 orders

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on August 12, the first stop of SINOTRUK man technology new Steyr taste meeting with the theme of "new upgrading · wealth creating tools" began in Handan. Baohongliang, general manager of Commercial Vehicle Sales Department of SINOTRUK, heads of regional logistics companies and more than 300 truck users attended the event. The activity received orders for 117 sets

Bao Hongliang said: "The Steyr brand has played a key role in the promotion and development of heavy trucks in China since it was introduced into China in the 1980s. Over the past 32 years, 80% of the trucks sold in China have come from Steyr technology, and the Steyr brand is highly recognized by end users. The new Steyr products integrate the technology of the old Steyr with the advanced technology of Germany Mann, and have been completely upgraded in product technology, product design and model planning. It will serve the country The internal truck users will bring a new use experience and will become a powerful tool for truck users to create wealth. " In the 3-point zigzag experiment, sun Dongli, manager of Steyr Marketing Department of China Heavy Duty Truck Commercial Vehicle Sales Department, introduced that the biggest highlight of the new Steyr brand is the absorption of German Mann's advanced technology. New Steyr has made a breakthrough on the basis of STR platform by integrating German Mann technology and upgrading more than 60 technologies

new Steyr includes M5G and d7b series, including tractors, trucks and special vehicles, which are optimized and upgraded in the design of powertrain and cab. The product upgrading of core powertrain D10B, mc07 and mc05 series engines makes the vehicle more powerful; The economy of the whole vehicle is increased by more than 5% through the application of advanced technology; Through the upgrading of standardized and modular technology, the general office of the State Council issued the notice on restricting the production and sale of plastic shopping bags (hereinafter referred to as the "plastic restriction order") to make the reliability reach the highest level in China

d7b model is matched with the new generation D10B series engine, which adopts the widened cylinder block structure technology, and the overall reliability is higher. The Bosch common rail fuel supply system using the world's advanced technology improves the accuracy of fuel injection of D10B engine, with higher combustion efficiency and stronger power. The domestic unique forced lubrication of gearbox makes the vehicle more efficient and can fully meet the needs of users for efficient transportation

m5g platform is a new generation of medium and heavy truck elaborately built with more than 50 years of automobile manufacturing experience of SINOTRUK. Equipped with mc07 and 05 series engines, the whole machine adopts modular design, thus reducing 25% of the parts, a wide range of economic speed range of 1200-1700r/min, reducing the need for driving skills. At the same time, the application of advanced intelligent electronic control polymorphic fuel-saving switch has remarkable fuel-saving effect

the new Steyr cab adopts the domestic mainstream styling design, and the body strength meets the European ECE certification standard. The cab adopts a four point full floating suspension device, which is stable and comfortable, and the internal space is spacious. It adopts VDO surround type combination instrument, car type shift handle, which is more comfortable. It has air seats, super large skylights, LED Night Vision lights, curtain slides on the rear and side walls of the body. Humanized design can be seen everywhere, and the driving operation is convenient and efficient, It is suitable for medium and long-distance highway transportation and is more comfortable

through the integration of man technology, the whole vehicle safety standardization and modular technology will be upgraded, and the braking system will be optimized: Weibull brake valve, Voss quick connector and other components will be equipped as standard to ensure the high sealing of the pipeline

this time, the platform of wealth creation alliance is established, aiming to join this alliance to enjoy free distribution, refueling concessions, road crossing concessions, and value-added services such as trade in of used cars and resale of used cars provided by Liangshan Huatong used car trading company

in the interactive experience of the new Steyr wealth creation appraisal activity, the users present watched the wonderful and super growth of the new Steyr truck on site, with a 12.37% increase; Cool drift performance, which is 1.67 percentage points lower than that in 2014. In addition, I deeply experienced the high-quality performance of the new Steyr truck through test drive

one of the old users from Handan has always been fond of Steyr trucks. He drove the new Steyr truck around the field for 3 or 4 laps. After getting off the car, he thumbed up and said excitedly, "this car not only has a beautiful appearance, the cab is very comfortable, but also drives with full power, which is very good."

in the subscription process, Handan Huaxin Transportation Co., Ltd. ordered 40 new Steyr trucks at one time. Fu Yingcai, general manager of Huaxin transportation, said: "on the one hand, the choice of new Steyr is due to the reliable quality of trucks that have been used by China National Heavy Duty Truck for many years. On the other hand, new Steyr trucks have superior performance, higher economy and safety."

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