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As a high-end CNC system, the Siemens SINUMERIK840D system has rich instructions and powerful functions, and is widely used in various machining centers. The macro instruction (@ code) programming method of the system is not only a supplement to the standard programming instruction set, but also greatly expands the programming instructions of the system, and also greatly facilitates the use of users. Users can compile concise, practical, optimized and targeted programs according to their own needs to achieve various functions

multi axis processing of product parts, here we mainly refer to the application of 4-5 axis processing method to realize the processing of parts. In practical work, standard programming instructions are usually used to program, but sometimes we will encounter some parts with structural characteristics, such as the impeller parts shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2. Each blade and runner of this kind of parts is only an angle different on a certain rotating shaft. If all machining contours are compiled, it is obviously very uneconomical and makes the program lengthy. On the contrary, only one machining contour of blade and runner is prepared, and the machining of the whole impeller is realized by repeating the cycle, so that the machining procedure of such parts is simple and the structure is more reasonable. This repeated loop programming method can be realized through macro instructions, and has been applied in our factory for a long time. However, some macro instructions used in our previous program do not work in VERICUT software, so we cannot realize complete program simulation. After studying the standard programming instructions, macro instructions of Siemens SINUMERIK840D system and VERICUT software itself, I finally found a way that can not only be accepted by the CNC system, but also realize the repeated cycle function in VERICUT software. Next, the technician will configure a new meter box for the customer and calibrate it. I will introduce my handling method for the repeated cycle of multi axis machining of the CNC system and how to realize it in VERICUT, focusing on the methods accepted by both the CNC system and VERICUT software

second, Siemens SINUMERIK840D CNC system commonly used multi axis machining repeated cycle

Siemens SINUMERIK840D system is an open CNC system, which can realize the mutual transmission between system variables and external R parameters through data channels, so it is easier to realize the function of repeated cycle through macro instructions. Siemens SINUMERIK840D system provides macro instructions for program branches and data transmission of R parameters to system memory and arithmetic functions. We use @12x If-Then-Else instruction or @13x while instruction and @100 goto instruction to realize multiple cycles and program jumps, Through @430 zero offset input instruction or @432 programmable zero offset input instruction, the corresponding R parameter in the program branch is adjusted to realize the rotation of the machining path, and finally realize the repeated cycle function of multi axis machining. This method is applicable to both absolute value and incremental value programming methods. In addition, in fact, for the incremental value programming method, it is completely possible not to use the @430 or @432 macro instruction, but only by assigning an R variable parameter to the corresponding rotation axis address code in the first absolute value positioning program segment of the processing track, which is also assigned different values in the program branch to achieve a complete repeated cycle. For example, g00x_ Y_ Z_ B=r100 or g00x_ Y_ Z_ B_ C=r100, it is worth noting that this method must require the use of increments in all machining path segments after the positioning segment

III. The repeated cycle mode of multi axis machining accepted by VERICUT software

vericut, as a high-end verification, simulation and optimization software, can well support the G code files of various CNC systems. Some macroinstructions such as @12x and @100 are fully supported in Siemens system, but the relevant settings of the software in jobtables in g-codesetting do not support variables, as shown in Figure 2. Therefore, @430 or @432 macroinstructions used in Siemens SINUMERIK840D system are not supported. Although the incremental value programming method mentioned above is supported, in practice, it is more and more convenient to use the absolute value programming method. Therefore, it is of practical significance to find the repeated cycle mode of multi axis machining accepted by VERICUT software

after the test, in the standard programming instructions provided in Siemens SINUMERIK840D system, the zero offset instructions g54 ~ G57 cooperate with the programmable zero offset instruction G5. The plastic extruder industry should strengthen the product precision, and 8/g59 can also realize the rotation of the processing track. And this method is accepted by VERICUT software. The following is a detailed introduction with reference to some program segments of 5-axis machining

(1) call in the main program

l200r26=0r27=17r28=0001r29=1; (R27: number of cycles R28: subroutine number)

(2) subroutine spf200


r49=0; (initial value of rotation angle of machining path)

r26=360/r27; (average score of rotation angle)

N300@126R29R27K375 ; (execute in sequence when R29 R27, otherwise jump to N375 program segment)

l=r28; (Call Subroutine)

r49=r29*r26; (assignment of rotation angle of machining path)


@620r29; (R29=R29+1)

@100K-300; (unconditional jump execution makes this impact tester an ideal tool for industrial utilization, research laboratories, advanced gas analysis and biomedical screening. Bayer materials technology will share industry experience and help future elites

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