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SINOTRUK t7H tractor appeared frequently in three cities of Jilin Province

SINOTRUK t7H tractor appeared frequently in three cities of Jilin Province

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at the end of September, the northeast region ushered in the autumn harvest season, and sinotruk Changchun Branch joined hands with the 4S store to adjust the distance between the supporting rollers. Changchun fuxinsheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. held a t7H tour to help Jilin grain transportation

this tour is through Tonghua, Liaoyuan, Siping, and the counties and cities under its jurisdiction, such as Liuhe, Meihekou, Dongfeng, and Yitong. Many users have experienced the excellent performance of t7H products through test drive

the salesperson enthusiastically introduced the product information to the user in detail and answered the user's concerns. Many users are very satisfied with the comfort, power and economy of t7H products, and are very surprised by the super long maintenance mileage of "man" engine and "man" drive axle and other components, as well as the super long warranty period of the whole vehicle products: "my car has to change the oil after 10000 kilometers, and I have to go to the service station several times a month. According to the maintenance mileage of t7H, I only need to change the oil twice a year!" During the tour in Meihekou area, I met dozens of vehicles transporting corn. The users of the rubber tensile testing machine went to the car body because of the large elastic deformation of the rubber ★★★ Jinan gold test price discount pilot test and consultation, and expressed great interest in t7H products. They said that they had seen a lot of such cars on the road. Driving such cars was dignified and dignified. This was the first real car experience, which was really extraordinary, Heavy truck t7H must be the first choice when changing trains

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