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SABIC expands the production of thermoplastics used in automobiles. Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) will produce stamax brand long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene composites and sabic/PP Blends at its plant in Genk, Belgium, by the end of 2009. By then, the plant will have an annual capacity of 140000 tons to support SABIC's automotive users in Western and Eastern Europe

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among them, those of this brand also need to inspect the oil delivery valve length. Glass fiber reinforced polypropylene is used for automobile front-end components, instrument panel brackets, door components, rear doors, seat systems, etc. In addition, the cursor follows the display function, etc; A product sabic/pp is used to manufacture bumpers, instrument panels, door panels, interior trim parts and other automotive components

sabic claims that the current market demand for stamax composites is growing at a double-digit rate. SABIC aims to become a long-term supplier to the global automotive industry. In addition to the Belgian plant, SABIC is also considering expanding the production of polypropylene blends to the United States, China and other countries

sabic group has business departments of chemicals, polymers, high-performance chemicals, fertilizers, metals, innovative plastics, etc., of which the subsidiary group SABIC Europe is headquartered in the Netherlands, and its business includes all polymers and basic chemicals of SABIC in Europe

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