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SABIC polycarbonate plate is applied in Brazil for the first time.

the innovative plastic business department of Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) recently announced that its Lexan thermoclear polycarbonate (PC) hollow plate was the first to be applied to the newly built Brazilian Gremio arena. What precautions should be taken when this kind of colored 10mm plate is used with a plastic tensile testing machine to make a promise to provide customers with lifelong consulting services and equipment maintenance services as a canopy. It is understood that the light tone and highly reflective surface of this kind of plate can help to reduce the impact of heat and reduce the dependence on the cooling system as early as possible. At the same time, it is easy to handle, cut and install. In addition, the lightweight characteristics of the panel can greatly save freight and reduce installation costs. This will help further reduce the environmental impact of the Gremio arena. Jack govers, general manager of special film and plate department, said, "this is the first time to use this material in Brazil. The design freedom, energy efficiency and excellent performance of Lexan thermoclear plate will benefit the project."

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