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SABIC launched a new LED lamp molded with resin

SABIC's business department - SABIC innovative plastics, a leading solid-state LED lamp and fixture manufacturer - Brite Pointe, Inc. provides a new LED lighting device made of high-performance cyco technical parameters: experimental machine accuracy grade: Grade 1 loy* and lexan* resins, with fine foam, which helps it achieve a major technological breakthrough. Brite Pointe company, located in Hayward, California, chose advanced resin technology to replace the traditional. This paper introduces the hardware of copper tube pulse fatigue life testing machine produced by Shandong StarTech. The reason is that these resins have the advantages of light weight, excellent performance and high degree of design freedom, which are indispensable for the integrated thermal management system (patent pending). Thanks to SABIC's materials, hybeem industrial and mining led downlights in Brite Pointe commercial and public buildings can reduce energy consumption by 65% and prolong service life by five times compared with high-pressure gas discharge lamp (HID) fixtures and fluorescent lamps, thereby reducing maintenance costs. The cooperation between SABIC and Brite Pointe shows that the company fully supports the development of environmental protection and energy-saving lamp technology, and also reaffirms the value of high-performance resin, that is, resin materials can give LED lamp designers greater design freedom, so that they can break through the limitations of traditional materials (such as metal) and adopt new design methods

britepoint uses SABIC's high-performance Cycoloy and LexA n resin molded new LED lamps

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