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SABIC promotes the production of new grade PC resin without bubble penetration. The main problem lies in the poor quality of domestic hydraulic components. Recently, SABIC launched a new type of PC resin, which solves the problems of bubble and atomization caused by the uneven thickness of elbow LED lens development, resulting in low industrial efficiency in recent years. Thanks to its excellent optical, thermal, mechanical and flame retardant properties, polycarbonate is becoming the main material of LED lens

saiyanshanda is 230 kilometers away from lianhot, a border city in China. One of the challenges in continuing to promote polycarbonate as a solution for LED lens is the complex geometry of the lens, which usually leads to uneven thickness. For example, the thickness of aquaculture thick areas may reach 20mm, while the thickness of thinner areas may be only 1.5mm

under strict flame retardant requirements (such as UL94V0 grade), it is a challenge to form these complex parts without bubbles and atomization. SABIC's latest lux-t resins lux9230t and lux9130t can meet this challenge. They can produce a complex lens under the requirements of flame retardant grade as high as V0, and there will be no bubbles and atomization, helping to maintain high light transmittance. In addition, by using these improved solutions, customers can also simplify the injection molding process, thereby helping them save time and reduce production costs

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