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SABIC launched a new type of impact resistant polymer, creating a precedent for production in China

according to the official of Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), the company recently launched a new impact resistant polypropylene (PP) copolymer pp77mk40t, which set the first precedent for similar products to be produced locally and will quickly enter the Chinese market

lin Zhichang, polypropylene director of SABIC Asia Pacific polymerization department, said: "customers are increasingly inclined to economical, practical, durable and environmentally friendly products." It is reported that pp77mk40t is manufactured by spherizone multi zone circulating reactor process. This technology gives pp77mk40t excellent color fastness and impact resistance, and its performance is not inferior even at low temperatures. The inherent strong tension of this material makes it have a more favorable strength to weight ratio, "said fuwenjuan, President of the China Environmental Protection Foundation, which makes the product and the semi-finished equipment of high quality can be reduced in thickness and weight and produced without reducing the strength. Thus, the raw materials required for production are reduced, and the generation of waste and its impact on the environment are reduced

pp77mk40t is suitable for producing courtyard furniture, household goods, battery cases, containers, toys, crates and boxes

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