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Saber basic innovative plastics released the latest TPI resin that can be applied to composites

recently, saber basic innovative plastics released the latest extem uh series amorphous thermoplastic polyimide (TPI) resin to meet customers' needs for materials that are easy to design and can still have high performance under long-term extreme temperatures. This unique new specification resin not only has unprecedented heat resistance, but also provides extraordinary dimensional stability for thin-wall molding, thus opening up a broad design Xintiandi

customers in automotive, aerospace, semiconductor, electronics and chemical industries can obtain better mechanical properties than polyether ether ketone (PEEK) by using extem uh resin; More significant system cost advantages than crosslinked polyamide imide (PAI); Greater design freedom than ceramics; And replace metals when previous resin products are impossible

with the deeds of its high glass company in the second half of this year, it will continue to change the temperature upward. The new extem uh 1019 resin is the first unfilled thermoplastic material that can meet the UL 746b standard at a continuous service temperature of 260 ℃. Although the semi crystalline material peek can provide similar thermal properties, its mechanical properties cannot withstand continuous high temperature. In contrast, extem uh 1019 resin provides eight times the stiffness, excellent creep resistance and extremely low thermal expansion. These properties enable the resin to be used in thin-walled and complex shape applications designed with high dimensional stability, and also provide the advantage of lightweight

compared with Pai, which affects the output due to the need for crosslinking, extem uh 1019 resin is made by simple and high-yield injection molding and extrusion molding, and can be recycled

in addition, extem uh 101 new 3D printing composite material has been successfully developed. 9 resin can replace ceramics and metals in traditional applications that cannot use thermoplastic materials. In these cases, this material of saber foundation innovative plastic can reduce weight, provide excellent design freedom and reduce system cost

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Extem resin has natural flame retardancy, and halogen additives that will damage the environment or cause compliance problems are not used. Potential applications of the resin include wire and cable insulation materials, high-performance connectors and accessories, and semi-3 Power analyzer conductor plasma chamber assembly and production system, high temperature film, bearing cage, gear, film, mechanical block and composite materials

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