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Saber basic innovative plastic high-tech resin is used for new environmental friendly compact fluorescent lamps

with the continuous improvement of global requirements for energy-efficient alternatives, saber basic innovative plastic is playing an important role in promoting the transformation of incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). The latest example is the company's high-tech lexan*fxd polycarbonate (PC) resin, which is favored by OSRAM, the world's leading lighting manufacturer, and is used to make a new high-end modified CFL candle bulb called "duluxstarminicandle". Because lexanfxdpc resin has outstanding performance, aesthetics and safety, OSRAM chose this resin to make new bulbs; Compared with traditional incandescent bulbs, this bulb has a longer service life and reduces energy consumption by as much as 80%. In addition, saber basic innovative plastics also provides comprehensive value-added services, including color customization and local distribution, which benefits OSRAM. By using innovative materials to solve technical design problems, saber basic innovative plastics is helping developing customers such as OSRAM to develop more energy-saving and environmental friendly technologies

martinbachler, head of product marketing department of OSRAM Co., Ltd., said: "We have found a new business opportunity in the growing CFL market, that is, to provide high-quality improved bulbs with beautiful and classic shapes. As a long-term customer of saber basic innovative plastics, we know that the company provides the best and most extensive resin product series for lighting applications. Saber basic innovative plastics has not only developed a special specification of Lexan, but also a certain amount of negotiation resin to meet our requirements for aesthetics and common external wall insulation Material testing equipment includes: electronic universal testing machine for thermal insulation materials, cutting device for thermal insulation materials, on-site pull-out tester for external wall thermal insulation materials and other performance requirements, and 10 customized colors are also provided for us to choose. In addition, they also provided local samples for our manufacturers in China and Europe to test, enabling us to complete the manufacturing process in just two months. "

innovative solutions for the current environmental protection movement

saber basic innovative plastics constantly updates its huge series of special resin products to help customers solve various design problems, including finding materials that can realize new energy-saving technologies

Hans ottoschlothauer, industrial manager of saber basic innovative plastic LED, said: "OSRAM asked us for a solution, so we chose a unique resin technology from a wide range of PC products, and this technology successfully helped them open up the market. OSRAM's CFL lighting retains the advantages of incandescent lamps but discards their defects, so this product is bound to further encourage consumers to choose energy-saving products. Saber basic innovative plastics is very happy to work together with this important customer to Strive to promote environmentally friendly practices around the world. "

in order to save resources, incandescent bulbs will be phased out in Europe, Canada, Britain and the United States in the next two years, and the CFL market is developing rapidly. 20 Watt CFL can provide the same light output as 100 watt incandescent lamps, while its average service life is 10 times that of the latter

use visualfx* technology to design beautiful lighting modeling

lexanfxd resin, as part of the visualfx* special effect product series of saber basic innovative plastic, can provide white for OSRAM CFL candle lighting, coupled with intermediate transparency and high diffusion, which is conducive to creating an elegant atmosphere. The design flexibility of this resin can help OSRAM create a beautiful and classic shape

with the help of the new color matching design, lexanfxd is different from the conventional electronic universal experimental machine in that its control mode can be load control resin, which can meet the following requirements of OSRAM for candle bulbs:

high impact resistance, effectively avoiding cracking

excellent light transmission performance can make the bulb achieve the best brightness

translucent appearance, which can hide internal components to achieve a soft and pleasant effect

the highest light scattering ability

meet the requirements of glowwireignition and ball pressure test

ul94v calculate the average ear peak height and average ear Valley height, which are 2 levels up to 1.2mm

OSRAM duluxstarminicandle energy-saving lamp with classic candle shape has been fully launched in Europe, with 10-year service life and 3-year warranty, and the rated power is watts

saber basic innovative plastic will appear at the 2010 K exhibition with its continuously enriched high-performance material solutions for the LED industry. At that time, saber basic innovative plastics will focus on OSRAM CFL candle bulbs and other new applications to demonstrate the company's commitment to the LED industry

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