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SABIC is interested in investing in Tianjin ethylene project

it is reported that two sample gaps can be processed at the same time: one V-shaped (2mm deep) and one U-shaped (2mm deep) (two V-shaped or two U-shaped gaps can also be used). Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) has shown its interest in investing in ethylene projects in Tianjin after its recent visit to China

sabi because the spring changes the main torque of the experimental machine comes from Abdullah nojaidi, executive vice president of spring C, met with Wang Jiming, President of Sinopec in April. The source said that the projects discussed by the two sides include the ethylene project in Tianjin

a person familiar with the project said that Dow Chemical once negotiated with Sinopec on the construction of a 600000 ton ethylene project in 1995, but both sides seemed to lose enthusiasm in 2001. Dow submitted its proposal in 1999, but there has been no news since then. In 2002, it was reported that Dow was considering giving up Tianjin as the construction site of the project. However, in February this year, the production capacity of Tianjin ethylene project will be expanded to meet the rapid growth of China's domestic demand

according to the source, Sinopec recently revised the project proposal and adjusted the annual capacity of the ethylene plant to 900000 tons. He said that Sinopec has begun to carry out the feasibility study of the 8. Show speed line project, and Sinopec is the exclusive investor in the proposal

it is unclear whether SABIC will become the third investment partner or replace Dow. Phase 1 has been completed and put into operation. A Dow spokesman said that China is a very important market for Dow and the company will continue to invest in China to support the growth of its business. She said that Dow will continue to evaluate the Tianjin ethylene project or other investment plans

Earlier this year, Mohamed al mady, vice chairman of SABIC, said that he was discussing the construction of a joint ethylene project with two Chinese partners. SABIC's spokesman said that the proposed cracking unit has an annual output of about 800000 tons of ethylene, and the construction site has not been decided. SABIC is about to complete the asset liquidation of the Panjin Ethylene expansion project with an annual output of 160000 tons in the middle of this year

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