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SABIC new non-woven fabric resin materials meet customer needs in an all-round way

recently, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) announced the launch of a new series of polypropylene resins for spunbonded non-woven fabric applications. These high-performance resin materials can meet the needs of customers through vigorously implementing the innovation driven development strategy, such as providing the same quality, cost/energy savings and sustainability. Customers can easily use these products without making too many adjustments to the existing extrusion equipment. SABIC PP 511A and SABIC PP 519a are developed and produced in Saudi Arabia, and are widely used in many fields that produce new performance and new utilization, including sanitary products, roof materials, construction, and automotive applications

these two new products are customized (extremely narrow molecular weight distribution and optimized additive formula), so it can realize the high output of the new spunbonded equipment. 3. Considering the tensile range of the tested materials, the output, at the same time, the uniformity of the excellent fiber fineness can avoid the occurrence of wire breakage, so that the fabric has excellent appearance, softness and tensile properties. In addition, the optimized additive formula delays the formation of die buildup, thereby reducing the frequency of cleaning

sabic PP 519a has excellent performance in high-speed production of ultrafine fibers with consistent quality. SABIC PP 519a is suitable for producing soft non-woven fabrics as an ideal material for diapers and women's hygiene products. More importantly, the optimized flow performance of the product can reduce the processing temperature compared with similar products? C。 Significant energy consumption and cost savings make SABIC PP 519a the preferred material to achieve sustainability goals. All products comply with FDA and European Commission regulations on food contact

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