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SABIC expands its foaming polymer product portfolio

sabic believes that advanced polymer foaming technology is essential to improve the sustainability and efficiency of global manufacturing and supply chains. Polymer foaming materials not only save materials and energy, but also ensure the same or even better performance of products, and provide a series of advantages such as heat insulation, sound insulation, cushioning and protection. SABIC is committed to improving the above advantages by strengthening the physical properties and foaming properties of polymer materials

at present, the polymer foaming material manufacturing industry consumes about 25million tons of plastic every year. In the next decade, it is expected to continue to grow at an annual rate of 2.5% and can promote tissue regeneration after implantation. The main growth areas include construction and construction, packaging, transportation and furniture

in the field of architecture and construction, people have an increasingly urgent need for low-cost, energy-saving and easy construction buildings. In the field of packaging, packaging enterprises must design packaging appropriately, which can not only save packaging materials, but also ensure that the goods can withstand various tests in the logistics process and be delivered to consumers intact. In the automotive industry, consumers want cars to be more comfortable and energy-efficient. Polymer foaming solutions can meet all these key needs and bring other advantages

sabic has identified "foaming and lightweight technology" as one of its key development areas, and its many polymer solutions can improve the efficiency, sustainability and profitability of the entire value chain. SABIC has more than 35 years of experience in the field of foaming technology and occupies a huge market share in the foaming polyolefin market. Its foaming brand products have been launched in the markets of Europe and Saudi Arabia. In addition, for the first time, SAB's third-party evaluation organization used the green manufacturing public service platform to implement self declaration. IC's factory in Saudi Arabia also provided polystyrene foaming solutions to the Middle East and non titanium alloy markets, although the heat transfer is good. Is there an extension plan in the experiment

at present, SABIC is expanding its product portfolio by adding other polyolefin products (such as pop elastomer and pop plastic) and thermoplastic engineering plastics (such as Lexan polycarbonate, modified PPE (NORYL ™) And Pei (ULTEM ™));

many breakthrough innovative products have entered the commercialization stage. For example, SABIC LDPE 2502x0 brings unique advantages to the physical foaming extrusion process, and its lightweight foaming materials have a wide range of applications. SABIC LDPE 2402cx0 also brings advantages to the extrusion process of crosslinked (XL) foaming materials. Crosslinked foaming materials have also been improved in terms of performance weight ratio, which can be used in higher value-added applications

in addition, SABIC has also developed a series of new "fast conversion" foaming material solutions, further improving the production efficiency of foaming material manufacturers. SABIC LDPE 2102fc is the first product in this series. This material can save up to 50% of degassing time, thus helping foaming material manufacturers reduce inventory. By reducing production waste and ensuring better product consistency, production efficiency can be increased by 5%

in addition, SABIC's foaming innovation center in the Netherlands has a number of innovative projects in the field of polymer foaming under development. This newly established innovation center is equipped with perfect foaming process and analysis equipment for the research and development of new foaming solutions, technological innovation projects and joint projects with customers, aiming to reduce the environmental impact of materials, save energy and production costs, and shorten the time to market

in the "home of innovation" in Saudi Arabia, SABIC showed a number of products made of its polymers and foaming materials. The company will continue to devote itself to the research and development of new technologies and explore more optimized and environmentally friendly energy-saving applications

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