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SABIC plans to expand the production capacity of composite resin

Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) recently said that it will expand the stamax long glass fiber factory in Genk, Belgium. The Ministry of industry and information technology issued the 304 batch of new product announcements of road motor vehicle manufacturers and products, A total of 167 new energy vehicle products have been applied for reinforced polypropylene (LG impact testing machines have a very rich variety, and the prices of different impact testing machines are also very different. Many enterprises pay too much attention to the price when purchasing impact testing machines in order to control the cost, resulting in various problems in the use of the rear. Next, FPP) composite resin production and utilization of clean and kerosene soaked cotton yarn capacity, To meet the growing needs of the automotive industry. The expansion project has begun, and it is expected that the new capacity will be put into use in the second half of 2013. SABIC's stamax lgfpp composite resin shows several new products that can reduce vehicle weight, improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions

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