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SABIC new PP is applied to medical plastic measuring cups

sabic company recently announced that its new medical grade PP pcgr40 has been adopted by Bormioli Rocco, a drug packaging company, to produce transparent medical plastic additional measuring cups

SABIC said that as a plastic raw material, this medical grade PP is more transparent than traditional PS or PP materials and is an ideal material for the production of plastic measuring cups. In addition, pcgr40 fully complies with the strict requirements of EU regulations on medical plastics

"adhering to the principle of innovation promoting development, we have carried out close cooperation with Bormioli Rocco. We can fully understand the fierce market competition and severe challenges faced by customers, so we have been committed to developing low-cost and high value-added materials for many years. The software control system of 4 ball mill friction and wear tester is divided into different functions, so as to enhance the comprehensive strength of their core products." Herby Randria, manager of SABIC medical products business department, said nantoandro, an experimental machine factory that mainly produces experimental machines

for this cooperation, Bormioli Rocco said that with the strong support of SABIC, the company plans to produce 20million medical plastic measuring cups in the second half of this year. Its production capacity will be further expanded in 2015

as a leader in the production of medical plastics industry, SABIC has been providing diversified medical material solutions for the market to help customers reduce the incidence of iatrogenic infection. Previously, the company launched different antibacterial grade combinations in terms of antibacterial and reducing iatrogenic infection, including Lexan EXL copolymer, Lexan polycarbonate resin, Xenoy polycarbonate/polybutylene terephthalate resin, and PP resin with or without glass fiber reinforcement

the reasons for the oil leakage of the material testing machine are roughly as follows:

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