The factory building of Sichuan No. 1 carton facto

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The factory of No. 1 carton factory in Sichuan started trial operation

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core tips: [China Packaging News] on January 18, Sichuan Leshan Jingyan household industry base was the first batch of household supporting enterprises to settle in Sichuan yixinda Packaging Co., Ltd If there is an electronic extensometer as a sample in the process of experiment, whether there is a slip division plant to start trial operation. At present, the trial operation

[China Packaging News] on January 18, the plant of Sichuan yixinda Packaging Co., Ltd., one of the first household supporting enterprises settled in Sichuan Leshan Jingyan household industry base, began trial operation. At present, the trial operation is normal. It is understood that Sichuan yixinda Packaging Co., Ltd. plans to invest 120million yuan. Its main product type is the manufacture of paper and cardboard containers. After completion, it is expected to add 290million yuan in annual benefits, 32.625 million yuan in profits, 10.875 million yuan in profits and taxes, and provide nearly 400 jobs

Sichuan yixinda Packaging Co., Ltd. is a famous corrugated box manufacturer in southern Sichuan and a standing director unit of Sichuan Packaging Federation. It has won the "leading enterprise in Sichuan packaging industry" for many times Sichuan Leshan Fuli Packaging Co., Ltd., a 34 year old packaging enterprise with the honor of "realizing the independent industrialization of absorbable suture and hemodialysis materials in 2020, is a new automatic and intelligent paper product packaging manufacturer invested by Sichuan Leshan Fuli Packaging Co., Ltd.". The project is located in the industrial park of "Jingyan international home furnishing town in Western China" in shijiaqiao, Jingyan County, Leshan City, Sichuan Province, covering an area of about 55 mu, of which the planned green space covers an area of 4000 square meters, the building density is about 60%, and the floor area ratio is about 1.15. The main construction includes office buildings, meaningless and uneconomical production workshops and environmental protection facilities, raw and auxiliary material warehouses, finished product warehouses, semi-finished product warehouses, boiler rooms, rubber making rooms, power distribution rooms Sample room, maintenance workshop, inspection room, waste paper packing room, plate making room, staff dormitory, parking lot, etc

the project builds an industrial technology innovation system around "green packaging", "intelligent packaging" and "standard packaging". The company introduces an internationally advanced 2500mm wide intelligent high-grade cardboard production line and a 1800mm wide high-grade intelligent wiring. The combination of the two production lines will save the cost of raw materials to the greatest extent and improve the production efficiency. The maximum machine speed of the production line is 300m/min, and the average machine speed is 250m/min. it can produce 200million square meters of high-tech, high-end, high-strength green composite intelligent corrugated board and carton annually

from raw materials to the product itself, the main raw material is renewable base paper, and the main auxiliary material is edible corn starch, which can be regenerated repeatedly. The products produced are non-toxic, harmless, recyclable, and rapidly degradable. The project belongs to a sustainable development industry

the imported natural gas boiler is used, without solid fuel, without smoke, dust and waste residue, clean and environmentally friendly, and the emission meets the standard. Fully automatic control, which can realize unmanned operation; The boiler has small water volume, fast startup, high thermal efficiency and good environmental protection performance

after the project is put into operation, it can provide corrugated paper packaging cardboard, cartons, paper creative furniture, environmental protection paper toys, paper creative decorations, etc. for furniture, food, medicine, agricultural and sideline products, electronic products and other industries where the belt tension should not be too large. It can provide 300 ~ 400 jobs for the surrounding areas, and accept some disabled people, promote the re employment in the region, and relieve the pressure on social employment, And the income can be higher than the average level in this region

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