Tips for daily cleaning of Cohen electric range ho

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As a disaster area with heavy oil pollution at home, do relatives have an impulse to wash it thoroughly every time they see oil fumes and oil? But how to wash the range hood? Don't worry. Today I'll teach you some tips for cleaning the range hood. Take a bath for the range hood

I. electric hair dryer heating method

1 Blow the hot air of the hair dryer against the oil stain for about 20 seconds

2. Then stick some detergent with a cleaning cloth and wipe the greasy place. After being blown by the hot wind of the hair dryer, the oil stain becomes much softer and easier to wipe

3. Blow some and wipe some, and you can easily wipe off the oil stain

4. With a hair dryer, you don't have to worry about the difficult oil stains in the kitchen

II. Plastic bottle spraying method

1 Take a plastic bottle (all kinds of drink bottles that can be pinched flat by hand), poke more than 10 holes in the cover with a needle, then fill it with an appropriate amount of detergent, fill it with warm water and shake it evenly

2. Start the range hood and spray the cleaning liquid with a plastic bottle full of cleaning essence towards the part to be washed. At this time, it can be seen that oil and dirty water flow into the oil storage bucket together, and pour it down as it is full

3. After the detergent in the bottle is used up, continue to prepare and repeat cleaning. Until the dirty water flowing out becomes clear, depending on the scale of the range hood, the range hood can be rinsed after 3 times of cleaning

4. If a net cover is installed outside the fan blade, it is advisable to remove the net cover first to enhance the washing effect

5. Wipe the area around the suction port, the surface of the housing and the lampshade with a rag

III. easy scrubbing method with residual temperature

while there is residual heat on the range hood, wipe the surface slightly with a rag, and you can easily wipe off the oil stains on the range hood, which is always clean and non greasy

IV. no cleaning method of oil storage box

stick a layer of fresh-keeping film inside the box. Part of the fresh-keeping film should go beyond the oil storage box, completely cover the original inner surface of the box, and let the lampblack adsorb on the fresh-keeping film. As long as you smoke and change regularly, you can save the trouble of cleaning the lampblack machine and not easy to clean

v. fan leaf vinegar soaking method

carefully remove the fan leaf, soak it in a basin of hot water mixed with 2ml detergent and 50ml vinegar, soak it for about 15 minutes, and then wipe it with a clean rag. The body of the range hood is also cleaned with this solution. Pay attention to keep the temperature of the solution at about 60 ℃ for good decontamination. This self-made detergent has been proved to be non irritating to the skin of hands and the mucous membrane of eyes, non corrosive to the range hood, and the surface remains its original luster after cleaning

VI. net bamboo light scraping method

the oil net protecting the fan blades can be slowly removed with a screwdriver, sprayed with detergent, put into a plastic bag, take it out after standing for 15 minutes, inject 80 ℃ hot water into the basin, and then carefully clean it with a rag. If the oil dirt on the oil net of the range hood is very thick, you can also gently scrape off a part of the oil dirt with a thin piece of bamboo before cleaning

VII. Wash with soap liquid

we can make soap into a paste and smear it on the surface of the impeller housing, mesh cover, wind wheel, etc. of the range hood with a rag. After using the range hood for a period of time, remove the impeller and other devices, and wipe them with a rag, so that the oil can be easily cleaned off

precautions for range hood cleaning

when cleaning the range hood, be sure to disconnect the power supply first; When cleaning the range hood, it is forbidden to use sharp, hard objects, steel wire balls and other instruments that damage the surface, and it is forbidden to use detergents with strong corrosiveness, strong alkali and strong acid; The cleaning of the inner machine of the range hood is relatively complex, mainly because the removal and installation of the range hood are prone to problems, so professional personnel are required to operate it. Before the Spring Festival, you can focus on cleaning the surface of the range hood, oil box, oil net, etc




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