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On November 6, 2017, at the founding ceremony of the "Chinese door and window craftsman" club and the 2018 annual door and window craftsman selection standard press conference, Roland Window Technology Co., Ltd. was selected as the "executive director unit of the" Chinese door and window craftsman club "

on November 6, 2017, hosted by the professional committee of doors, windows and curtain walls of the China National Architecture Research Association and the China Television blue ocean doors, windows and curtain wall industry development alliance, with the support of hopo Haobo window control strategy, and organized by China Television jinjianlian media, the founding ceremony of the "Chinese door and window craftsmen" club and the 2018 release conference on the selection criteria of door and window craftsmen were grandly held in Shanghai Meihao Hotel (Baoshan store)

Roland de style (Shenzhen) door and window Technology Co., Ltd. attended the ceremony as an invited guest and was selected as the "executive director unit of China door and window craftsman club"

the establishment of China's "door and window craftsman" club will promote learning and exchange within the industry, create, share and win-win results, jointly create a circle of door and window quality leaders, share the value brought by the craftsman spirit, and create a fair competitive environment, harmony and win-win results. Inject new vitality and vigor into the door and window industry, create better value and experience for the global market and more users, and drive the healthy development of the door and window industry

▲ "China door and window craftsman grand ceremony" on-site

▲ industry leaders' on-site speech

▲ selected as the "executive director unit of China door and window craftsman club"

contemporary people are somewhat impetuous and eager to achieve things. I think: to really do a good job of doors and windows, we must have the spirit of craftsman, and we can't take shortcuts. In the future, product quality and user experience are very important. In my opinion, I am a craftsman. I like the door and window industry, and I hope that through the efforts of Roland style doors and windows, we can bring good products to consumers and improve their high-quality home life

-- Roland windows

after more than 10 years of brand precipitation, Roland windows has been on the road of pursuing quality. Every detail strives to be perfect, and we devote our enthusiasm to every accessory, every process, and every door and window. We polish them carefully, carve them attentively, and build them with our hearts. This is our "craftsman spirit"

this spirit has enabled Roland style people to overcome one technical difficulty after another, and finally build Roland style doors and windows into a quality enterprise that makes doors and windows with ingenuity

about enterprises

Roland windows is committed to the R & D and production of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows. Over the years, it has continuously broken through the style, performance and design concept of doors and windows, bringing new visual and sensory surprises to the industry and consumers. Roland style doors and windows wholeheartedly provide high-quality products and considerate services for thousands of families





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