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May is the season of flowers, love, gratitude and labor. It's also another harvest season for conn é don lanjo's wardrobe

in May, the flowers are like brocade, the shade is like the sea, everything seems so enthusiastic and full of vitality

May is the season of flowers, love, gratitude and labor. It's also another harvest season for conn é don lanjo's wardrobe. First of all, I would like to congratulate the former president of Hejin, Shanxi Province, on joining the big family of conneden Lanqiao

many people say: choice determines fate. Yes, we choose different jobs and pursue different careers, but we just choose different ways to express our life value. Every choice is a transcendence. After the investigation and comparison of several brands, Mr. Yuan and Ms. Dong finally chose to believe in conneden Lanqiao and work together with Lanqiao people to fight for another great career in their life

the former president has conducted Market Research on the overall wardrobe industry for many years. During this period, they deeply realized that with the trend of customized home products, in the era of the gradual prevalence of customized home, facing the continuous adjustment of China's economic structure, only by following the development trend of the times and accepting new ideas, can they create another peak of their career. They saw the bright future of the overall wardrobe industry. After many negotiations and understanding of the products, they came to the Guangzhou headquarters of conneden Lanqiao for another in-depth investigation. I was attracted by the concept of green creation and sharing of conneden Lanqiao, which changes because of you. At the same time, they also hope to inherit the vision of conneden Lanqiao, create a comfortable, safe and personalized home environment for consumers, and resolutely choose to join conneden Lanqiao wardrobe brand

this time, the comprehensive investment promotion work of kangnaideng Lanqiao wardrobe has entered a new stage. Since the official operation of the conneden Landau brand, it has cut through difficulties all the way, creating a new era for the whole house customization industry, and leading the trend of customized home with unique inspiration and passion. The design concept and continuous innovation of Conn. Langqiao bring a unique sense of home art to those who desire comfort and unique space

kangnaideng Lanqiao thanked the former president of Shanxi Hejin for his recognition and support of kangnaideng Lanqiao brand, and congratulated kangnaideng Lanqiao wardrobe Shanxi Hejin store for its prosperity. At the same time, as the initiator and advocate of the overall wardrobe and sliding door, conneden Lanqiao will provide more consumers with more environmentally friendly furniture products, and also provide more entrepreneurs with a new blue ocean of customized furniture industry. Conneden Lanqiao will continue to meet new glories in his career

life depends on choice. If you choose the right direction, every step forward is a leap. I believe that more business creators will choose our conneden Lancao wardrobe brand tomorrow




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