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http://www.soufun.com Real estate portal - SouFun 21:30, August 15, 2012, SouFun home furnishing network Li Chunhui, Wang Lei

2012 Shanghai International wallpaper Expo was held at Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center (Community Network Forum) on August 15, 2012. This exhibition was hosted by the wallpaper branch of China Building Decoration Materials Association, and the theme of the exhibition is "professional, pure and orderly". It is reported that the duration of this exhibition is 3 days. Follow up the whole process of this exhibition, report the trends of the exhibition in time, talk to the bosses of leading enterprises in the wallpaper industry, and jointly discuss the development trend of China's wallpaper industry

interview guests: Beijing Topley decoration and binding materials Co., Ltd.

SouFun reporter: Li Chunhui

[SouFun home network]: Hello, President Yang, thank you very much for visiting SouFun studio today. What new products did your company bring to this exhibition

[Yang Ji]: there are about eight new versions of our exhibition, and about 20 old versions are recombined. The old version combination is mainly suitable for domestic real estate and domestic hotels and restaurants. The 8 new versions are mainly suitable for civil use. At the same time, we have launched a large pattern this time. Ordinary manufacturers can't do this kind of large pattern. The large pattern is suitable for some background walls and entertainment places. At the same time, we also launched functional wallpapers, such as formaldehyde resistant wallpapers and antibacterial wallpapers on the market to meet the needs of different customers and different places

[SouFun home furnishing network]: your company has indeed launched many new products today. The exhibition has been going on for almost a day. How do you feel about the form of this day

[Yang Ji]: in general, we have three purposes to participate in the exhibition. The first is to increase the influence of the enterprise, the second is to promote new products, and the third is to optimize customers and increase some good channels. This exhibition was held by China wallpaper Association. It is mainly aimed at high-end customers and professional customers. Although the flow of people is not as large as that of other exhibitions, it is a professional exhibition, which is basically attended by some high-end customers and professionals. It is relatively pure, relatively pure, and there is no plagiarism. It is all independent intellectual property rights, Such enterprises with their own brands come to participate in such exhibitions

[SouFun home furnishing network]: OK, thank you. What is our next development plan for tupley, or where is our starting point for the next stage

[Yang Ji]: because tepli is the first manufacturer of wallpaper in China. It was founded in 1976 and has a history of 36 years. Therefore, in the previous period, tepli mainly focused on industrial brands, focusing on the development of its own hard power, such as adding a lot of equipment, increasing a lot of colors and varieties, and mainly relying on others for sales. At present, there are enough products in the market. In this surplus situation, we need to improve our soft power. One is to improve our design ability and research and development ability. In addition, we need to build our own brand, and take this as a highlight to increase our soft power, so that enterprises should not only grow, but also become stronger

[SouFun home furnishing network]: at present, as far as our entire wallpaper industry is concerned, the overall market share is still relatively low. According to your analysis, what is the reason

[Yang Ji]: in general, the wall decoration should be 3 to 4 times that of the ground decoration, because the wall has a hexagonal volume for a family, of which four sides are walls, one side is the top surface, and the top surface can also be wallpaper, and the ground is only on one side. Because the ground, such as wooden floor, is basically a necessity, so when decorating, the ground generally needs to be decorated, either tile, wooden floor or composite floor. But now in China, wallpaper should be more high-end customers. It is not a necessity, but mainly a choice of supplies. In particular, some high-end customers use Wallpapers more, while middle and low-end customers use Wallpapers less. Because it is not a necessity, its market share is relatively small. Although it is four to five times that of floor and ground, its application scope is not as wide as that of floor. However, wallpaper and paint should develop and survive together. Paint cannot completely replace wallpaper, and wallpaper cannot completely replace paint. If you want to make high-end ones, the effect of wallpaper is better. If you want to make low-end ones, the paint is also cheaper. But at present, there are also some wallpapers, which are not badly made, and the price is about the same as that of paint. Therefore, there should be a rigid demand for wallpaper in the future, and people's awareness of wallpaper is also getting higher and higher

[SouFun home furnishing network]: in terms of your work experience in the wallpaper industry for more than 30 years, as a wallpaper enterprise, if you want to occupy more market share and win more favor from consumers, the most important thing to do is to give some guiding opinions

[Yang Ji]: because wallpaper is a fashion product, it is not a simple building material, it is a fashion product, it has a timeliness, because it has a timeliness, it changes quickly. First of all, the styles and colors change quickly. If there are good materials, but its color and style are not suitable, just like people wearing clothes. If pure wool materials are used to produce outdated cotton pants and cotton padded jackets, no one will wear them. Therefore, first of all, it is a fashionable product, so the style design is better. When designing a good style, we should also have good material. Just like clothes, we should also have good design and good material, so that we can sell higher. Therefore, it is a fashionable product, which should be constantly updated and developed. The space of products should be in line with the trend, and the materials should also be constantly updated. For example, materials, originally the simplest use of PVC, have now developed to metal and other materials to meet the needs of different occasions, which is the growth point of wallpaper in the future

[SouFun home network]: OK, thank you very much for visiting our SouFun studio, thank you





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