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Adobe acquired Neo, which is not the case at all in Europe. Lane expanded its digital marketing services

on July 2, 2013, Adobe announced that it would acquire Neolane, a leading enterprise in cross channel activity management technology headquartered in Paris, France, with nearly $600million in cash, which is a private enterprise

serve the needs of China's industrial technology transformation, innovation and upgrading

neolane can help enterprises integrate online and offline marketing data, analyze relevant data, and publish marketing information through different channels. It can carry out marketing work automatically and effectively through different forms such as Internet, e-mail, social networking stations, mobile

machines, call centers, direct mail and point of sale promotions. This enables marketers to understand customer needs, carry out personalized activities, and improve the return on investment

Adobe's acquisition is aimed at strengthening its Adobe? Marketing cloud. After the acquisition, Neolane will become Adobe? The sixth solution of the cloud marketing system integrates with Adobe's existing products such as analysis, goals, social networking, experience managers and media optimizers. Therefore, we provide customers with more comprehensive solutions

in case of expanding shortcomings

Adobe has previously completed a series of acquisitions, including the acquisition of omniture in 2009, the acquisition of day software in 2010, the acquisition of Demdex and audit in 2011, and the acquisition of efficient fro9 in 2012. Assistive devices: six standard experimental assistive devices (special assistive devices can be customized) tier. Through this series of acquisitions, Adobe has become an absolute leader in the field of digital marketing

this acquisition is expected to be completed in July. After the acquisition, St phane dehoche, the current CEO of Neolane, will join Adobe's digital marketing business and continue to lead the original Neolane team. Neolane will become part of Adobe's digital marketing business

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