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Due to the external influence, the warmth of China's caprolactam market is lost.

since late February, the market has been full of bad news. Affected by factors such as weak downstream demand and large import volume, the caprolactam market has entered a downward trend. By mid and late April, the lowest market price in the U.S. gold market fell to 2480 dollars/ton, and the spot RMB fell to 20100 yuan/ton. One week before the May Day holiday, the bulk commodity market showed signs of rebound, the downstream just needed replenishment, Sinopec's settlement price rose slightly, the international pure benzene price continued to rise, the caprolactam internal and external market rebounded, and the price rose steadily

however, as soon as the warm wind in the CPL market started, it was put out. At the close of trading on May 4, the international crude oil price fell sharply, falling below $100/ton, and market confidence was hit. The international oil price fell for six consecutive days. The international pure benzene price fluctuated with the price adjustment of refined oil in the domestic market. People on the floor were unstable, cautious in buying, and relatively deadlocked in trading. The focus of negotiation in the U.S. gold market fell to around $2580/ton, and the price of counter-offer intention in the RMB market was 20400 yuan/ton

supply of domestic manufacturers: Baling Petrochemical's caprolactam unit with a capacity of 200000 tons/year operates at full capacity, with a daily output of about 650 tons; Shijiazhuang chemical fiber plant with a capacity of 165000 tons/year operates smoothly, with a daily output of 310 tons and a start rate of about 70%. The manufacturer plans to overhaul the plant on May 20. The time to turn on and off the power supply of the machine body is about 1 month, because the blade is worn out; Nanjing Eastman's unit with a capacity of 200000 tons/year is under normal operation, with a daily output of about 600 tons. It is planned to overhaul the unit in August for about one month; Zhejiang Juhua 50000 T/a caprolactam plant maintains low load operation, with a daily output of about 80 tons; Shandong Haili's device with a capacity of 100000 tons/year has a daily output of about 230 tons. I heard that the first production line has been shut down for some reason, and it is planned to restart in the near future. The second production line, which suppresses the multi-layer film into the required size of 100000 tons, has been started

recently, the slicing market atmosphere is deadlocked, the upstream market is weak, the downstream nylon silk demand is flat, and the quotation is temporarily stable. The high-speed textile manufacturer quoted RMB/ton, which was accepted and delivered in March. The mainstream trading range is 21900-22200/ton, and cash exchange is self withdrawn. The quotation of conventional Youguang manufacturers is about 22200 yuan/ton, and the shipment is mostly in yuan/ton, which is self collected in cash. The transaction volume in the semi light market varies from yuan/ton, and the cash exchange is self withdrawn

downstream start-up: the chip manufacturers start up normally, and the operating rate is mostly maintained at about 70%. At present, the market turnover is flat, and some slicer libraries are at the normal level in 7 days, but downstream manufacturers mostly purchase on demand, and traders are generally enthusiastic about purchasing

although there are too many parts of Sinopec in Taiwan and Shijiazhuang experimental machine, refining and chemical enterprises as well as petrochemical enterprises in Belarus and Ukraine will be overhauled in May, the 200000 ton/year units of Haili will soon be started, and Zhejiang Hengyi will also be put into production. In addition, the global economic situation is complex, the European debt crisis is still continuing, the export orders of terminal weaving are insufficient, some small textile mills are shutting down one after another, and the growth of downstream market demand is limited, Even though the recent slicing and nylon silk market has been firm and stable, on the whole, the insiders are not confident in the increase of caprolactam price, and it is difficult for the stock holders to continue to reduce their quotations under the pressure of purchase costs. Longzhong information predicts that the market may continue to be deadlocked in the short term, and the price fluctuation will not be too large. It is estimated that the market offer will be around yuan/ton, and the focus of the negotiation will be lower

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