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Across Asia and America, XCMG, a "Star", is a little "bright"

relying on the oscillating load of electromagnet, XCMG has traveled across the United States and Asia, and the "Star" of XCMG is a little "bright"

China Construction machinery information

recently, "XCMG lifting machinery" launched a special topic for service personnel in Tibet and Qinghai. There is no description from a third party's perspective, but their own language. With a plain talk, the lovely and respectable images of XCMG service engineers leap on the paper. 78 elastomer modified asphalt waterproof coiled material

notice that there is a comment at the bottom of the article that can be said to be very "heartbreaking":

think of it, this friend was originally very envious of our service personnel stationed abroad, thinking that they could not only taste the morning tea in Guangzhou and the stewed noodles in Henan, but also enjoy the pure sky in Tibet and the unique customs and habits abroad. However, the reality is: inconvenient transportation, language barrier, eating discomfort

although in this case, XCMG service engineers still maintain an optimistic and open-minded attitude, not to mention hard and tired

for example, the following young man, in one year, crossed several time zones, traveled to four countries, and contributed to XCMG's blue ocean journey with his youth and wisdom

In 2018, XCMG port machinery products achieved a new breakthrough. In order to strengthen the overseas market, many service engineers braved hardships and joined the overseas market. Among them, there is a small post-90s generation, who shuttles around various countries, fighting on the front line day and night, and is particularly eye-catching. He is Xing Xingxing, a heavy overseas service personnel of XCMG. Since joining the work in August 2012, he has been traveling in various countries all year round, patiently solving various vehicle problems

service trip - Malaysia

is located in the industrial zone in Eastern Malaysia, with thermal power stations, seaports and other engineering construction projects. XCMG's various products are naturally indispensable in the construction of many projects. Among them, balingji'an thermal power station has nearly 30 sets of equipment, such as truck cranes, cross-country tire cranes, crawler cranes, excavators, loaders and so on. In order to ensure the progress of the project and the normal operation of the equipment, Xing Xingxing carried out maintenance and repair for all products according to the requirements of the agent. However, due to the heavy rain in this area and frequent equipment failures, Xing Xingxing carried out waterproof protection treatment for the vehicles in advance, which extremely reduced the failure rate

one day, there was a sudden rainstorm, and the rain flooded the road. After receiving it, Xing Xingxing learned that a crawler crane xgc180 in the harbor was struck by lightning, and the whole vehicle could not work according to the transparency Market Research Report. He braved the rainstorm and walked forward in the rain. After careful investigation, exploring the vehicle principle, finding the line problem, refreshing the controller program and so on, he solved the problem perfectly. The agent is very grateful for this. Xing Xingxing, who returned to his residence, took off his wet clothes, put on his work clothes and re entered the market service

Xing Xingxing takes a group photo with users

service trip - Qatar

Qatar has the reputation of "golden armor all over the city". The temperature can be as high as 45 degrees every day, and you sweat profusely after five minutes out. Because of the hot weather, the air conditioner has become the customer's "life-saving artifact", but Tiangong is not beautiful. The air conditioner of a crane does not cool. Xing Xingxing rushed to the construction site immediately after receiving the notice, and the air conditioner compressor needs to be replaced after investigation. In the process of replacement, he saw his hat brim "dripping rain" for the first time, and there was also a pool of sweat around the soles of his feet. Because the weather was too hot, he felt serious discomfort. The manager immediately asked him to stop working. In the process of rest, he just took off his clothes, twisted them like washed overalls, and took a break to work again

Xing Xingxing took a group photo with users

service trip - when Brunei's service in Qatar was about to end, Xing Xingxing received an urgent task from the customer service center and went to Brunei to deal with the problem of a qy70k-i. In the environment with insufficient conditions and occasional showers, the problem was solved after Xing Xingxing repeatedly adjusted the pressure, rotary clearance, current ratio and tested for several days. After many tests by the driver, the performance of the equipment was finally recognized. Now this equipment has been effective in the major project of Henderson group's oil refining and chemical integration on greater Mora island. So far, it has been used well and has no problem. After stripping, the thinnest feedback is below 0.5mm

in June 2017, Xing Xingxing went to Mexico as a service engineer. Within less than a year, he came to Malaysia, Qatar, Brunei and other countries. He deeply cultivated technical research, overcome various difficulties, and perfectly solved all kinds of problems. With his persistence in work and guarantee of quality, he perfectly interpreted the gold standard of "leading technology, indestructible use"

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