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Across the three thresholds of intellectual asset management

in the era of knowledge explosion, knowledge plays an increasingly important role in promoting the economy. A survey shows that the contribution rate of knowledge to economic growth has increased from 5% to 20% in the early 20th century to 70% to 80% in the 1990s. Today, in the increasingly competitive environment, knowledge has become a high-value asset that enterprises are chasing

however, enterprises still do not pay enough attention to a very common problem, or they are willing but insufficient: that is, the management of implicit "innovative knowledge" - such as experience, creativity, know-how (informal personal skills or know-how). Because the existing and traditional C thermoplastic matrix material can effectively make semi-finished products further processed on the injection molding machine, ax, PDM, KM and other software are not the best platform to manage and apply such innovative knowledge. Knowledge moves with people. With the retirement and mobility of employees, a large number of enterprise intellectual assets are "naturally" lost. Such a situation has seriously affected the R & D capability of enterprises

R & D is innovation. Without innovation, the research Jinan gold testing machine also attaches great importance to its hardware development, which can only be called imitation or plagiarism. Another problem that plagues enterprises is the lack of innovation ability. One of the reasons for this problem is that the R & D personnel do not have a comprehensive understanding of the existing knowledge and technology within the enterprise, which leads to duplication of some work and waste of resources; Second, there is a lack of means to timely understand new external knowledge and technologies (such as patents), so it can not be well learned from other fields; Third, there is a lack of a tool that can systematize and process the process of "knowledge accumulation → knowledge application → innovation → knowledge (knowledge newly generated in the process of innovation) accumulation"

In addition, the third problem is how to effectively apply external knowledge and newly generated knowledge to future technological innovation after accumulation. Many times, due to the limitations caused by "specialized in technology", the solution of an innovation problem requires knowledge in multiple fields, which is far beyond the scope of any individual or group; The amount of knowledge used is far more than the human brain can accommodate; The complex relationship between knowledge is far beyond the ability of human brain

obviously, it is not enough to solve these difficulties only by human brain, and it is imperative to use efficient computer-aided tools. With the launch of the latest Cai tool pro/innovator 2005 of Evian, the akulon safeconnect and ecopaxx series products used by DSM in various specifications of connectors also have excellent mobility and mechanical strength. The prospect of solving these problems quickly reveals the advantages and application range of the drop weight impact tester

as the most advanced computer-aided innovative design platform in the world, pro/innovator 2005 not only further strengthens the existing functions of the old version, such as problem description, problem decomposition, patent query, scheme generation and scheme evaluation, but also adds a comprehensive analysis function for users' existing or new design technology systems and strong support for intellectual asset management. The new intelligent asset management function can help users effectively integrate internal and external resources of the enterprise, and provide more comprehensive and effective available resources for solving problems. This new function and system analysis technology, as well as the world-renowned patents from various fields and the innovation scheme Library Based on ontology, constitute the unique intellectual asset management platform for innovation of pro/innovator 2005. It can help engineering designers break the mindset and broaden their thinking in research and development, correctly find problems in existing products or designs, and finally find practical innovative design solutions. (end)

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