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Affected by other commodity markets, TOCOM rubber remained unchanged in midday trading

according to Tokyo news on November 9, TOCOM rubber was basically flat in midday trading on Thursday, and the market opened higher, which was encouraged by short covering caused by the knowledge rise of upper ring stiffness tester pipeline detection of energy futures; However, the decline of precious metal futures triggered stop loss liquidation

affected by the weak spot market, TOCOM market sentiment is still negative

afternoon trading is expected to fluctuate in the range, and the market is expected to consolidate in a narrow range within the yen range

so far, the trading volume is small, only 8075 hands, indicating that the market lacks guidance, and only technical factors dominate the market

the benchmark RSS3 contract fell in April. The market scope of the automotive new materials industry is expected to reach trillions of yuan, 0.6 yen, to 212.8 yen per kilogram; The contract in November was flat at 200 yen per kilogram

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