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Advantech launched a modular data acquisition switch for edge IOT applications

wise-710, which adopts NXP 6 duallite processor and is equipped with 2 x GBE, 3 x com, 4 x digital i/o, 1 x micro USB and 1 x micro SD. It is an ideal solution to connect traditional devices to the network. Wise-710 can adapt to harsh industrial environments and applications in limited space cabinets, with a compact shape (100 company led the drafting of the national standard 4 items x 70 x 36 mm/3.93 x 2.75 x 1.41 inches) and a wide temperature working range (-20~55 c/-4~131 f)

to realize remote management, wise-710 supports a variety of Wi Fi, 3 workbench operation Y-axis g, 4g/lte and Nb IOT wireless modules, which can promote remote data transmission, over the air (OTA) update and real-time communication. Considering the importance of physical contact security, wise-710 also embeds an atecc508a security chip, which provides hardware based security protection for cloud service data operations. It is worth mentioning that, unlike the standard data gate, wise-710 adopts a modular design, allowing the terminal to integrate various i/o expansion modules (8 analog inputs +4 digital inputs and 4 RTD inputs +4 thermocouple channels) to meet different application requirements

data acquisition switch wise-710

the powerful IOT data acquisition terminal used to connect o domestic experimental machine enterprises lacks long-term plans. T and it

wise-710 is specially designed to be used as a machine data collector in the cabinet. It is a compact data switch that can be easily integrated with a variety of equipment and machinery. By providing comprehensive I to realize storage and printing networking functions/o interfaces (including 2 x GBE, 3 x com, 4 x di/o, 1 x micro USB and 1 x micro SD), you can collect raw data and transfer it directly to the cloud for subsequent visualization and data analysis. Wise-710, combined with optional Wi Fi, 3G, 4g/lte and Nb IOT wireless modules supporting remote management, can provide reliable, cost-effective and scalable terminals for various related applications

first class network security and data protection

wise-710 is equipped with built-in ATMEL atecc508a encryption security chip, which can ensure compliance with AWS security regulations. Embedded key encryption and authentication technology provide first-class hardware based network security and data protection for various IOT applications. At the IT level, the chip can prevent unauthorized firmware from updating and spreading on the cloud; At the OT level, the chip provides comprehensive security mechanisms, such as confidentiality, data integrity, tamper proof and encryption/decryption authentication

wise-paas/edgelin simpler programming

wise-710 data gate is also equipped with Advantech's wise-paas/edgelink protocol conversion software, which supports more than 200 communication protocols (such as modbus, DNP3, opcua, mqtt and IEC) to support data collection from legacy devices. In addition to promoting data integration, wise PAAS/edgelink also supports user-defined data acquisition cycles for each input interface, thereby reducing the amount of data transmitted and stored on the cloud. This is combined with the plug and play function of the software, which greatly reduces the programming time and ensures the simplicity of application development and deployment

main features

supported by Freescale 6 duallite A9, 1 GHz processors

wise paas/edgelink software enables edge to cloud connectivity

wise paas/edgelink supports more than 200 protocols, So as to collect data from old equipment

can be integrated with a variety of expansion modules (8 x ai+4 x Di; 4 x rtd+4 x TC)

embedded in AWS certified atecc508a security chip

digital input channel can support wet contact or dry contact

support data recording through micro SD card

support various installation options, including DIN rail, wall and magnetic pole (customized), To meet different industrial automation application needs

Advantech wise-710 data acquisition customs

Advantech wise-710 data acquisition customs can now be ordered. For details, please consult the local dealer team or call Advantech service (Landline)/()

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