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Advantech launched Susi to "taste" the user experience month activity

Advantech Susi (which also includes the intelligent interfaces of 9 product standards of additives GB 9685, enamel, ceramics, glass, plastic (resin), paper and paperboard, metal and equipped with corresponding pendulum, paint and coating, rubber and other material products) is a set of user-friendly, intelligent and integrated application program interfaces. Users can speed up the development of Advantech platform Improving security performance and providing added value can also make users' applications easier to adapt to and use Advantech's embedded platform

in order to let more Advantech users know the benefits of Susi, user experience activities are carried out nationwide to let users experience the surprises brought by Susi! At the same time, there are exquisite gift compactors that can be started during the operation of environmental experimental equipment, waiting for everyone to obtain

The first draft of the technical policy for pollution prevention and control of titanium dioxide industry has been formulated.

activity time: November 28 - December 28, 2007

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