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Adam Ellison delivered a keynote speech on "Corning's glass innovation road"

Adam Ellison, a technical expert of Corning Glass Technology Department, "BOE global innovation partnership conference" was held on November 8, 2016. Adam Ellison, a technical expert of Corning Glass Technology Department, delivered a keynote speech on "Corning's glass innovation road", sharing Corning's innovation in glass technology

the following is the transcript of the speech:

today, the organizer invited me to talk about the innovation of Corning Glass technology. I am a research director from Corning, and I am also a director of Corning Glass technology company, so today I want to tell you about our past and present breakthroughs and innovations in technology

Corning has a long history, with 156 years of development. We hope that we can continue 156 years of brilliance in the future. We have many new technologies with sales of 40% (US $200 million), and these innovations have been historically innovative in the past, such as glass packaging and protection, which are very innovative technologies. Today, I want to tell you how we connect these past technological innovations with today's and future technological innovations. I will talk about our design philosophy. I think today's meeting is a very good occasion, because we think Corning is also an innovative company, and we are also very happy to have such a cooperative relationship with BOE to continue our innovation activities

believe it or not, our first innovative product is used in railway signal lights. In this design, it can be seen in the figure that the glass in the middle is actually an inverted lens, which can make the light of the signal lamp more intense. Even in far places, the color of this signal light is very bright. What you can see in the lower right corner is a railway traffic accident long ago before this innovative design. At that time, there was no such a good traffic light, so our technology can save lives, save property and change people's fate. The color of signal lights is also very important. Now you may be very familiar with and disapprove of the color of these signal lights. In fact, the color of these traffic lights you see on the street was designed by Corning in 1999

another design is the glass packaging design for Edison incandescent lamp. In fact, we wanted to find a photo of Edison smiling at the beginning, but he didn't have a photo of Edison smiling, so we can only use this one. There is a small sharp corner on this glass package. Why? Because this glass cover is made by hand, the production is very slow at first. We hope to improve production efficiency, so we began the process of automated production, so we produced such a bagged glass production machine. This production machine is very similar to the production machines and equipment in the past, and it is still in use today. So this is a very good design, because without such glass packaging technology, we may still live in the dark

then in 1908, we started the Corning Design Institute in New York. Later, we produced some very good technologies in this laboratory, which is also a leading scientific research center in the world. One of the most famous designs is Pax's heat-resistant glass. What you see on the left is the first advertisement made by Pax in 1950. This product is very important to Corning. We can imagine that this production line has lasted for a very long time, and we are still continuing this technology. And our glass is very special, because you put a very hot ordinary glass on the cold panel. Because of the temperature difference, the glass will break, but our heat-resistant glass will not be affected by the temperature difference and break, which is an innovation. This product has been produced for more than 80 years, and then we started the production of laboratory equipment in 1950. Maybe many products are familiar and popular. They have a very strong resistance to chemicals. For example, even if this product is filled with some highly concentrated chemical reagents, its properties will not be affected. Now many of these products are also made of plastic, so now we are doing the production of plastic laboratory utensils

I just mentioned that these years are a long time ago. It was 80 years ago in 1930. We had some patented technologies and cooperated with an emerging company to authorize our patents to them to develop a pipe control machine. Through this machine, we have made some good test tubes, and these products are still in production today. In 2015, we returned to this industry and established Corning pharmaceutical glass company to provide high-quality glass test tubes for medical treatment, especially for the medical packaging industry. The 1930s was a very fruitful time for us. During this period, we established a joint venture with a glass company. We developed a technology for manufacturing glass filaments, which is not particularly obvious in the static experimental machine. By using such glass filaments, we can make more innovative products. You can see from the figure that our initial production equipment produced a lot of glass fibers, and now we are still producing glass fibers. This topic may sound boring, but in fact, it would be difficult to imagine life without glass fiber. Glass fiber is a very important business for us. In this business, its technical requirements are very high. In the 1970s, we created a new kind of glass fiber for the telecommunications industry. This is a great innovation, because this technology was very original at that time. Now the world is the world of IOT, and glass fiber technology can be seen everywhere in all aspects of our life. The British Post Service is also one of our big customers, and many of our scientists are developing the most advanced glass fiber

big data is a very important topic in the world today. BOE has a development strategy in big data, and we are also happy to achieve some cooperation with BOE in this regard. At the same time, through our wireless services and equipment, we can connect thousands of users and collect information from various terminals. Therefore, for a traditional glass enterprise, our business is very novel and expanding

in the 1950s, we developed a new material, glass ceramics. Such technology can enable us to combine the traditional glass manufacturing process with the very good performance of ceramics. Our leading product line, Corning kitchen utensils product line, has been sold all over the world, and you can also buy this series of products in China. Its performance is very good, fire resistance is also very good. You can see from this picture that it is extremely cold resistant on the one hand, and extremely heat-resistant on the other hand

now we are still the largest manufacturer of special ceramics in the world. It may sound incredible to you, because if we want to improve the characteristics of ceramics, we must combine these characteristics of glass. Because the innovative spirit of producing and manufacturing glass has been integrated into our corporate DNA. In the picture, some of our scientists were received and rewarded by the president for their invention of special ceramics in 2005. Why is this technology so transformative? In the 1970s, I lived in Los Angeles. At that time, the pollution was very serious, and the worst time was probably similar to Beijing now. But in 1974, when a clean air bill was passed, clean or environment-friendly technologies and materials will be forcibly used on newly produced cars. After these technological innovations, you can see that the air in Los Angeles is like the lower right corner. Because we use special ceramic converters, we hope to bring such technology to China in this field

now we are still further producing these kitchenware. We have been producing them continuously until 1998, and we also have a lot of design ideas and ideas. As you can see from the picture, we have invented a kind of unbreakable plate, which is also very popular in China, which surprises me very much. What is the secret? We have a sandwich design, with the glass in the middle, and some materials with more pressure resistance and ductility are combined in the upper and lower layers of it. In this way, we can finally produce unbreakable plates. After you use our product, you don't need to buy new plates anymore, because the plates will never break again

we thought about whether to make the performance of this product worse and let people buy new ones, but we didn't do so. In our technology, this surface hard pressing technology is very important, and it has also been applied to a lot of equipment. You may be very familiar with one of them, which is this kind of gorilla glass. There is another story behind this. We have a new product launched this year, which has strong fall resistance. At the same time, we are considering other application scenarios, such as the design of vehicle glass on cars, which is a good opportunity for cooperation with BOE

in the 1960s, we invented the melting technology, and we tried a lot of efforts. It took us 30 years to find a good application scenario. This cartoon picture shows you our melting technology process. If you are interested, you can also find the corresponding pictures on our website. When we melt at the bottom, the glass actually doesn't touch the glass except for hair, so its surface is very hard and it's also an ideal material. Today our glass melting is G8. 5 is 2. 0 × 2。 5. The thickness is 0. 5mm, the sales volume is very good. Of course, BOE is also an important buyer of our product

but BOE also knows that the larger the size, the better. We are now cooperating with BOE to establish a G10 in Hefei. 5 factory, such a large screen size can be said to be very surprising. We are also continuing to innovate in the field of display, trying to find new ways to meet the needs of customers, especially those like BOE

I just mentioned the wide and narrow edges of glass. In terms of narrow edges, we have realized the demand of narrower and thinner margins in recent years, and they are becoming thinner and thinner. 40 inches is the common size of TV sets now. We hope to further reduce its narrow margin to 4. Why is this important? Because of its lower transportation cost and better operation, customers can install their own TVs without hitting the ground, so such innovation is very valuable

there is another more valuable product, display glass, which can be fully integrated with many electronic products now. It is thinner than a human hair, and we have realized the rolling production mode. In the experiment, we also cooperated with BOE, which is a very exciting innovation that can bring the display to a new level

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