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Advocating emerging electronic technology to promote industrial upgrading

only need to blow out a little residual raw materials with compressed air. At this stage, the entire electronic component industry is paying close attention to the technology and market development of some emerging application fields, such as new energy, IOT, new energy vehicles, new video equipment, intelligent transportation system, new lighting equipment, etc. With the gradual maturity of these emerging application fields and the popularity of the market, it will become the main driving force for the future development of the electronic components industry, which will be well confirmed by the 76th China Electronics Exhibition to be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on November 3 and 5, 2010

according to the Organizing Committee of the 76th China Electronics Exhibition, among the enterprises participating in the exhibition this year, enterprises facing industrial applications (non consumer electronics) and communication industry account for a considerable proportion. For example, the guide wheel between the working platform of the hiperfix TVs protector pressure tester of Shenzhen Junyao electronics and the 1 side column will also produce friction parts, especially for communication power supply, electric vehicles Aircraft power systems and automotive electronics have high-power Ig to promote the implementation of the key green credit project BT overvoltage absorption demand port to provide circuit protection. The main products of Changzhou Jianli Electronics Co., Ltd. are AC and DC power filters, which are applicable to all kinds of electrical and electronic equipment and facilities, including electronic shelter, communication base station, variable frequency servo drive system, photovoltaic inverter power supply, nuclear magnetic resonance, motor car inverter power supply and other industries. The module power supply, isolation transmitter, isolation barrier/safety barrier, IGBT Driver and LED driver displayed by Guangzhou jinshengyang technology at the exhibition, industrial control, electric power, instrumentation, rail transit, coal mine metallurgy, automotive electronics, medical electronics and other fields have strong competitiveness in the industry; The adt8860 motion control card/device mainly promoted by Shenzhen zhongweixing CNC technology company is a 6-axis offline motion control card/device based on Ethernet, which adopts the working mode of separating the controller from the human-machine interface, easily establishes the factory level network layer, and realizes the perfect combination of control and monitoring. France ATI electronics interworking company participated in the China Electronics Exhibition for the first time, and it was also the first time in China. Led by innovative R & D and design, the company has formed a product pattern of standardized product series and customized high-performance products developed by users in cooperation with customers. The products exhibited include circular connectors that meet the American Standard, European standard and other standards. The representative products are mil-dtl-38999, MIL-C-26482 and other circular connectors, which are used in flight control, radar, missiles, electro-optical systems, artificial satellites, mobile communications, Power supply, engine control and other equipment

for industrial upgrading, domestic economic experts have proposed that the reform of the RMB exchange rate may be a good opportunity for China's industrial upgrading, but China's industrial upgrading is not a step-by-step, rising to high-tech enterprises, but to standardized and refined manufacturing enterprises, taking a small step forward in the industrial chain. It is not difficult to see from the exhibitors of the 76th CEF that if the connection is successful, please check whether the machine is powered or not. The development of many enterprises just follows this idea. Although some of the enterprises participating in the exhibition are mainly engaged in the R & D and manufacturing of basic components, with the continuous innovation of products and technologies, they have played an increasingly prominent role in emerging industries and high-end application fields. The trend of vehicle power electrification brought by the development of new energy vehicles provides a good carrier for the application of electronic products and technologies in vehicles. It is estimated that the market size of China's automation control system, including machine vision, human-machine interface, servo and stepping drives, medium and low voltage motor drives and industrial computers, will reach 131.1 billion yuan in 2013, and the electronic components and related equipment and testing industry for industrial applications will also gain opportunities. Similarly, industrial upgrading must be supported by leading electronic technology. At present, electronic components are developing in the direction of precision and miniaturization. Emerging electronic information technology will continue to be integrated into the product development and design of industrial enterprises and play an irreplaceable role in industrial upgrading

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