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Adier introduces new stain resistant architectural coatings

adier introduces new stain resistant architectural coatings

November 20, 2003

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the project "Research on the cleaning technology of water-based building coatings with steel brush dipped in gasoline" developed by Anhui Aidian coating company has passed the expert review organized by Anhui Provincial Department of Construction recently, and the technical performance indicators meet the requirements of national standards. Experts believe that the stain resistant composite exterior wall paint produced by this technology, interior and exterior wall latex paint and other series of products have excellent technical performance

the demand for architectural coatings in China is increasing year by year, and is developing towards environmental protection and multi-function. At present, due to factors such as high pigment volume concentration and poor film compactness, ordinary synthetic resin interior and exterior wall emulsion paint has poor stain resistance, which affects the decorative effect and service life. Many building coating enterprises use additives to improve the stain resistance of the coating, which is not only high production cost, but also difficult to improve the product grade. Anhui adier coating company, as a high-tech enterprise in the coating industry in Anhui Province, has been committed to the research and development of new products. They develop water-borne buildings according to the market demand. 1. Pay attention to the stain resistant technology of working environment coatings that are cleaned and tested at ordinary times, and produce stain resistant silica sol acrylate emulsion lotion exterior wall coatings and stain resistant interior wall emulsion paints. This product not only has good stain resistance, but also has cost advantages compared with other similar products

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