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How to scientifically develop coal chemical industry

the goal of energy consumption of 2.7 billion tons of standard coal in 2010 in the eleventh five year plan has been broken through again. So far, coal alone has exceeded 3.2 billion tons. According to the world energy report published in June this year, China's coal consumption accounted for 46.9% of the world's total in 2009

Xie Kechang, vice president of the Chinese Academy of engineering, pointed out recently that this reality deserves great attention. Clean and efficient utilization of coal is the only way to solve the thorny dilemma faced by China. Strengthening the development of clean and efficient comprehensive utilization technology of coal and promoting the clean and efficient utilization of traditional energy should be the top priority of the national energy strategy

coal gasification is an important form of clean and efficient utilization of coal, and has become a hot project all over the world in recent years. In the energy structure of all countries in the world, fossil energy accounts for an average of 80%, and coal accounts for 28%. In China, fossil energy accounts for 93%, and coal accounts for about 70% of express packaging. This makes China the main battlefield of coal chemical industry in the world

coal chemical industry has been criticized for its high energy and water consumption. Technological innovation and water resources are the bottlenecks restricting the development of modern coal chemical industry in China. Another important factor that triggered the investment boom in the domestic coal chemical industry is that the transaction price of world crude oil is generally rising. Compared with petrochemical industry, the cost advantage of coal chemical industry is relatively obvious

coal chemical industry, which is aimed at terminal products, has developed rapidly, with many project plans, but little implementation, and most of them have overcapacity, showing great limitations. In 2008, for example, the output of coal to dimethyl ether was only 30% of the production capacity, and the output of coal to methanol was only 54% of the production capacity. In view of the emergence of coal chemical industry fever around the country, the state has long proposed to scientifically plan and orderly develop coal chemical industry. As a result, not only did it not cool down, but it bloomed everywhere

what's more terrible is that such a development idea of coal chemical industry not only fails to achieve the original intention of efficient and clean utilization of coal, but also restricts the development and promotion of efficient and clean utilization of coal. Ni Weidou, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, pointed out recently that at present, China's coal chemical industry adds up to at least tens of millions of tons of CO2 emissions, and the real CO2 emission reduction should start with coal chemical industry

how to scientifically develop subtraction and addition of coal chemical industry

coal itself is a high-quality energy variety, and its bad reputation is actually caused by multiple factors such as the limitations of technological progress and people's unreasonable utilization methods

taking Lu'an 160000 tons/year coal based synthetic oil co production of 300000 tons/year urea as an example, this idea can not only reduce 410000 tons of CO2 per year, but also co produce 11.5 MW of electricity through IGCC power generation of low calorific value tail gas

another example is the national "973" project undertaken by Taiyuan University of technology and other units, which uses CO2 in gasified gas and methane rich in coke oven gas to produce syngas through their reforming reaction under specific conditions, so as to produce alcohol ether fuel and electricity. It can not only achieve atomic economic utilization of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen in coal, but also contribute to the source emission reduction and water saving of CO2

through integrated optimization, this development idea can make the energy flow and material flow host similar to that at home and abroad, and the exergy flow can be used step by step. Moreover, coal-based cogeneration, which integrates resources, energy and environment, is obviously superior to the development idea of coal chemical industry that produces a single product, and is considered by experts as "an important scheme to comprehensively solve China's energy problems"

Xie Kechang believes that if this understanding is extended to coal mining and washing, through the chemical product chain composed of coking, gasification and liquefaction, and integrated optimization with power generation, heating, sewage treatment, building materials, etc., a circular economy coal energy chemical industry can be formed, which will comprehensively realize the clean and efficient utilization of coal

in other words, the scientific development of coal chemical industry must be based on the clean and efficient utilization of coal, rather than obtaining the profitability of the simple price comparison between terminal products and petrochemical products regardless of the cost. To develop coal chemical industry in the western coal rich areas where the water environment and ecological environment are very fragile, we should especially curb the original impulse to grab profits

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