How to determine the mass of objects in the hottes

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How to determine the mass density unit of an object in ug/scenario? How to add inertia force and gravity

examples of metric units (steel) imperial units

kg/mm*3 7.8e-6kg/mm*3 lb/in**3

therefore, we can use the above units in ug/scenario to fill the mass density of the object into the material characteristics. When adding gravity and inertial force, first select the entity as a high gloss element, and then fill in the gravitational acceleration with the following units:

metric units imperial units

-9810. 88 mm/s mainly includes Brinell hardness, Rockwell hardness, Vickers hardness and microhardness, etc. ec**2 -368 in/sec**2

the system will automatically calculate the inertial force and gravity, but pay attention to the direction

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