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How to determine the amount of savings when establishing an individual account

Due to the great differences in the level of economic development and the basis of reform in various regions, some regions, such as Shanghai, have established personal accounts as early as 1993, while some provinces and regions, such as Hainan and Tibet, have not yet established them. In areas where personal accounts have been established early, because the personal payment part is recorded in it, and the employees can be transferred with it when they flow across the overall planning scope, the employees are more reassured, and it is also easy to transfer to regional social insurance agencies (because some funds are transferred). In areas where personal accounts have not been established, it is not only the improvement of rubber materials. If the amount of storage is recorded from the date of establishment of accounts in the future (from or after 1998), in addition to the above two problems, there will also be a fund transfer problem: if the employees in this area transfer across the overall planning range after 1998, Then the fund transfer amount should be calculated in two parts:

the accumulated principal and interest of the individual payment part during the period when the individual account was not established (from 1996 to the end of 1997) (as stipulated in LBF [1996] No. 78 document); From 1998 to the transfer month, the total amount of savings in the personal account calculated at 11% of my paid salary (as stipulated in GF [1997] No. 26 document). This means that since 1998, no matter which year, as long as there is a cross planning flow of employees, the amount of transferred funds should be calculated in the above two parts. The longer the time, the more complex and unnecessary the first part (due to the small amount). However, if it is stipulated that the first spring testing machine is not calculated and transferred, the professional production sub fund of Jinan new period assay instrument Co., Ltd. is not in line with the provisions of the Ministry of labor [1996] No. 78 document (if it is not implemented immediately, it means that the document lacks continuity); Second, I'm afraid both the regions that have realized the fund transfer and the receiving regions will have opinions. In areas where personal accounts have not been established, the relevant departments have basically formed a handling opinion on the determination of the amount of storage of the account after the height measurement, that is, from January 1, 1998 and later, for units that have established personal accounts, the amount of storage of the personal account should be recorded at 11% of the personal payment salary from January 1, 1998. For employees who participated in work before 1996, they should at least include employees who participated in work in 1996 and 1997, The deposit amount of individual account shall include the accumulated principal and interest of individual payment from the month of joining the work to the end of 1997 (see LBF [1997] No. 116 document)

after being handled according to the above provisions, the fund transfer in the future will become simple, that is, only the total amount stored in the individual account will be transferred. Since the accumulated principal and interest of the personal payment in the area where the personal account was not established before 1998 are included in the deposit amount of the personal account, it is not only connected with the labor department Fa [1996] No. 78 document, but also reduces unnecessary trouble when transferring in the future

of course, for areas without personal accounts, since the basic pension of employees before 1998 is replaced by "transitional pension", it is reasonable that the amount of personal account savings since 1998 should not include the personal contributions before 1998, including double counting factors. This requires the above regions to eliminate these factors when designing the "middle man" transition method. The elimination methods include: reducing the coefficient of transitional pension, reducing the original amount of subsidies, etc

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