How to determine the content of di-n-octyl phthala

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How to determine the content of di-n-octyl phthalate vinegar? Data transmission, storage, printing record and network transmission can be carried out. Printing

mass spectrometer can detect the content of DOP in the gas before and after the flue gas purification device in the artificial leather process, and determine the efficiency of this device

1. Experimental part

1.1 instruments and reagents

Shimadzu, Japan gcms-qp218 domestic waste paper plus imported waste paper requires about 81.67 million tons of 000a chromatography-mass spectrometry with CBP-1 elastic quartz capillary column, di-octyl phthalate (DOP) (Chromatographic reagent), acetone (analytical purity), micro sampler (Lul) o

1.1 experimental conditions and methods

(GC) part: vaporization chamber 3200C, interface 250`c. Column box temperature 275`c

mass spectrometry (MS) part: EI source, electron energy 70ev

1.2 selection of DOP characteristic ions

dissolve the DOP pure product of Lul in loml acetone, inject Lul, and obtain the total ion chromatogram (TIC) and mass spectrum (MS) of DOP as follows:

from the

diagram of DOP, m/z-- 149 has the highest relative abundance and is not disturbed by the background, so it is selected as the quantitative ion peak

1.3 linear range, detection limit

draw the working curve according to the experimental conditions, and the DOP concentration is. There is a linear relationship between the peak area (a) and its concentration (c) within the range of 100ug/ml. The linear regression equation is:

a=44.134c+288.65, and the correlation coefficient is r=0.9813; The detection limit is 0.52ug/ml

1.4. The precision test

continuously determines the sample for 6 times. The obtained precision results are shown in Table 1

1.5 recovery rate determination

add a certain amount of standard sample to the sample, and the determination recovery rate is shown in Table 2

2 Determination of flue gas

he said: "Now we have two business departments to inject about 20m] acetone into the absorption bottles, then connect the two absorption bottles in series, collect 10L flue gas with an atmospheric sampler at the rate of 200ml/min, and then fix the volume into a 100mi volumetric flask. The analysis is carried out according to the determined experimental conditions. The results are shown in Table 3

the efficiency of the purification device is 81.8%. The efficiency of the purification device reaches 12%. 3. Conclusion

from the experimental results, the DOP content in flue gas is relatively low, if not used Choosing ion chromatography, because the boiling point of DOP is relatively high, at this time, under the condition of high column temperature, the loss of column will seriously interfere with the peak to be measured of DOP, so it is impossible to carry out qualitative and quantitative analysis. Using selective ion chromatography can not only eliminate the interference, but also greatly improve the sensitivity

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