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Lovol Arbos no till planter "peak sales" uncover

Lovol Arbos no till planter "peak sales" uncover

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recently, Lovol Arbos no till planter ushered in the peak season of production and sales. Behind the busy workshop production line, it reflected the market peak sales, and communicated with the dealers who came to pick up the goods at the departure site

"driven by the conservation tillage policy, the demand for no till seeders in Northeast China continues to rise. The market performance of Lovol Arbos no till seeders is very good, with high reliability and user attention, which is the main reason for my choice." Said the dealer from Jilin region

Lovol Arbos two-line heavy-duty no tillage seeder

Lovol Arbos no tillage series seeders adopt an enlarged fertilizer box design, and the flexible impeller fertilizer ejector has accurate fertilizer amount and is not easy to jam, effectively protecting the transmission system; The advanced mouth fertilizer monitoring system has three functions: first alarm, then high-speed card punching, and finally power-off protection; Swedish Handa 450 high wear-resistant plate or cast steel Mn13 is used for the grass wheel, and the Spanish belota brand is used for the disc, which has good flatness and high wear resistance; The whole machine can be equipped with retractable traction plates. The working posture of the whole machine is horizontal, and the ground clearance of transfer is large

in recent years, no tillage sowing technology has been widely favored by users in Northeast China. Corn no tillage sowing has the advantages of storing water and moisture, improving soil fertility, saving energy and labor, and increasing production stably. Lovol Arbos heavy-duty no till planter will provide reliable guarantee for users' no till protective operation. No tillage direct seeding saves arable land operation and operation costs. The resolution of sowing time is 1 minute ahead, 1-2 days ahead of conventional flat seeding. In case of overcast and rainy days, no tillage sowing will reflect the time-consuming effect of increasing production

Lovol Arbos client machine <(102) ceramic tiles/p>

no tillage plot has strong water storage and moisture conservation capacity. Because the ground is covered with straw, the water, fertilizer, gas and heat of the soil can be supplied in a coordinated manner. During drought, the soil is not easy to crack, and it is not easy to accumulate water after rain. Compared with ploughed corn, it grows faster and has better seedlings. In addition, the fertilizer is not easy to lose, and the output is also increased accordingly. Corn has good lodging resistance. There are many surface roots and developed taproots of no tillage corn. In addition, the demand for plastic flexible packaging in the original and above areas will increase at a rate of 5% every year. The soil structure has not been damaged, and the root system and soil consolidation ability of corn are strong, so the lodging resistance ability of corn is strong. Straw returning to the field increases the content of soil organic matter, improves soil fertility and improves soil structure

Lovol Arbos five element machine operation

it is estimated that the no tillage plot of corn can increase the income of corn by 765kg/ha compared with the ploughed plot, and at the same time, it can reduce the operation cost of cultivated land by 105 yuan/ha, and the cost of flame-retardant EPS Ash Seedlings added with graphite is 60 yuan/ha. During the growth period of corn, it can reduce one watering, saving water and oil by 75 yuan/ha

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