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Domestic construction machinery remanufacture blank foreign giants have entered the world construction machinery giants are optimistic about China 7 Operating environment: the market can be normally operated on ordinary computers. In 2008, the world construction machinery giant caterpillar first established the world's third remanufacturing center in Shanghai, covering an area of 25000 square meters. In the first half of 2009, it also established remanufacturing recycling points for consumer terminals in Shunde and Chengdu. Recently, the Cummins team, a world-famous engine manufacturer, parachuted into China and also proposed to focus on the remanufacture of construction machinery in the next few years

duanjiaxuan, a researcher in the machinery industry of CIC, pointed out that out of the optimistic future of the remanufacture field of construction machinery, the world's construction machinery giants have entered the remanufacture field of construction machinery one after another, hoping to take a share in the booming development of China's construction machinery remanufacture industry in the future. In contrast, few domestic enterprises are involved in the remanufacture field of construction machinery. The reason is, There are mainly the following aspects:

on the one hand, the technological development in the field of domestic construction machinery remanufacture is basically in a blank period, and the multinational giants have mature technologies in this industry. They only need to complete the technology transfer from abroad to China, which indicates that Adidas and covestro, marked by the "three bars", can carry out business in China on the 30th anniversary of their joint research and development of football. However, Chinese enterprises are still in the initial stage. In the future, Chinese enterprises will be in a disadvantageous position when competing with multinational companies in the field of construction machinery remanufacture

on the other hand, there are still strong errors in the understanding of remanufacture of construction machinery in China at this stage. In the eyes of many people, refurbished products are often confused with remanufactured products. When businesses promote their products to users, users are generally skeptical about the products because they do not understand the products. In addition, the technical strength of domestic businesses at this stage is relatively weak, which exacerbates this situation

duanjiaxuan also pointed out that in the field of engineering machinery remanufacture, the development of domestic enterprises at this stage is worrying; But at the same time, while multinational companies continue to carry out the remanufacture business of construction machinery in China, they also encounter a situation of acclimatization. Its biggest dilemma is the lack of raw materials. Due to the low recognition of remanufacturing technology in China, many second-hand vehicles are directly sold to local secondary machinery dismantling enterprises when they are scrapped, resulting in a narrow source of "raw materials" for many remanufacturing enterprises

the latest report on investment analysis and Prospect Forecast of China's construction machinery industry in issued by CIC consultants shows that the remanufacture of construction machinery has become an important industry in the markets of foreign developed countries, but it is still in its infancy in China. For most domestic enterprises, joint ventures can be used to accumulate their own technical strength by strengthening cooperation with foreign manufacturers, so that they can seize market opportunities during the booming market in the future

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