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On August 26, the draft of the circular economy law, which was first submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress for deliberation, called for a halt to excessive and luxurious packaging that wastes resources and pollutes the environment. On August 28, as the main activity of the Northeast packaging and printing industry international forum, the national expert seminar on management measures for packaging recycling was held in Shenyang. The participating experts held a special discussion on management measures. In particular, the focus on the cost limitation and recycling of packaging materials is likely to cause very serious consequences; Another example is the spring used for shock absorption, which has triggered a heated discussion

entry threshold for renewable enterprises

the relevant person in charge of Shenyang renewable resources management office suggested that the management measures for packaging recycling should set the entry threshold for renewable processing enterprises. For example, at present, in the northwest of Hongqu District, there are 300500 processing enterprises with or without certificates for recycling and processing pet bottles (beverage bottles), most of which are small enterprises doing recycling and recycling processing, and the source and destination of recycled goods are not clear. The person in charge suggested that the new measures should set a threshold for these enterprises to enter the regeneration field. The data shows that China has become the third largest packaging country in the world, but the waste in packaging is also serious. According to the draft for comments on the measures for the administration of recycling of packaging materials previously released, enterprises in various industries must undertake to recycle packaging materials while selling products. The installation level of the dynamometer part of the pressure testing machine is not very stable. In other words, manufacturers such as instant noodles and cans should also recycle plastic bags, glass cans and other packaging materials while selling their products

the cost limitation of packaging materials is controversial

in view of the problems such as excessive packaging, the exposure draft of the measures also puts forward that the cost of packaging materials shall generally not exceed 25% of the cost of the product itself. However, some delegates from the beverage industry pointed out that the above provisions do not conform to the actual production situation of the beverage industry. The most typical is bottled drinking water. The cost of plastic bottle materials is much higher than 25%. In view of the rising cost of raw materials, the burden of beverage enterprises is increasing, and the profits are decreasing year by year. If all the packaging materials are recycled on the sales enterprises, the operating costs of the enterprises will increase, which is very detrimental to the development of the industry

professor lumingzhong from the school of environment, Renmin University of China also suggested that some packaging materials are recycled with the nature of environmental governance, which should be paid by the government and subsidized in individual links

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