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There are tips for changing tires by yourself. Pay attention to details and make good use of Qiaoli

tires are the most easily damaged parts of automobiles. In case of flat tires, flat tires, etc., when the ball point pen head is developed with ultra free cutting stainless steel materials, and there is no repair shop nearby, it needs to be solved by yourself. The car is generally equipped with a spare tire and simple repair tools. The tire can be replaced by itself. There are tricks on how to change tires safely and quickly

stop the vehicle before changing the tire

when the vehicle has a flat tire, you must be calm, control the direction first, park the vehicle stably on a flat road or in a place that does not affect traffic safety, turn on the hazard warning flash, turn off the engine and pull up the hand brake. A safety warning sign shall be erected 50 meters away from the rear of the vehicle. If it is a highway warning sign, it shall be placed 150 meters behind the vehicle. Each vehicle will be equipped with simple repair tools and tires with different TM landing range of backup wheel P (HB – HV). The backup tires of small cars are usually placed under the trunk floor, and most of the spare tires of SUVs are hung under the rear of the vehicle or fixed outside the trunk door

when changing a tire, make good use of skillful force

when removing the tire, loosen the tire fixing bolts with a socket wrench. When loosening these bolts, loosen them diagonally one by one. Liu Song, a professional, said that this is to prevent the fasteners from deforming due to uneven stress. If the bolt cannot be broken by hand, you can step on it with your foot. Do not unscrew it. Just loosen it. Because the bolts are removed first, the tire may slip when the jack lifts the vehicle. If you jack up the tire and then loosen the bolt, the jack will be easily damaged, because the jacks equipped on the car are simple

pay attention to the location of the jack

there are clamping slots on both sides of the vehicle bottom to place the jack. Be sure to put the jack in the clamping slot and slowly push it up until the leaking tire can be taken out. Zhang Ji, Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Commerce. After the jack is erected, remove the loosened bolts, and then remove the air leaking tire. If no card slot is found, what if you don't need to be nervous? Here, Jinan Shijin shares with you that the failure of the hydraulic universal testing machine is caused by the following reasons!, Feel by hand that there is a relatively thick place on the chassis of a car, which is usually set behind the front wheel and in front of the rear wheel

after the spare tire is installed, tighten all the bolts of the tire diagonally, tighten them slightly, then loosen the jack to put the car down, and then tighten the bolts diagonally again with a wrench

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