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Doors and windows are important components of building envelope system and architectural modeling. Aluminum alloy doors and windows have a great impact on the overall modeling of buildings

I. concept of doors and windows: doors and windows are doors and windows

function 1. Doors and windows are important components of building envelope system. Windows: ventilation, daylighting and sightseeing; Door: indoor and outdoor traffic connection, traffic evacuation, and ventilation and lighting

function 2. Doors and windows are divided into enclosure components or separation components according to their positions. There are different design requirements to have the functions of heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, fire prevention and so on. The new requirements are energy saving. The heat lost by the cracks of doors and windows in cold areas accounts for about 25% of the total heating heat consumption. The requirement of airtightness of doors and windows is an important part of energy-saving design

function 3. Doors and windows are also important components of architectural modeling, so their shape, size, proportion, arrangement, color, modeling and so on have a great impact on the overall modeling of the building

II. Classification by door and window materials:

1 Aluminum alloy doors and windows: the advantages are extrusion molding and good decorative effect, while the disadvantages are poor heat preservation and high energy consumption

2. Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows: there are two forms of threading and glue injection, which are energy-saving, heat insulation, solid and beautiful

3. Glass: commonly used for making indoor partitions, frameless doors, etc

4. Stainless steel doors and windows: the advantages are excellent decorative effect and non rusting, while the disadvantages are high cost

5. Plastic steel doors and windows: the advantages are good comprehensive performance and high cost performance, while the disadvantages are small lighting area

6. Steel doors and windows: standard steel window materials (solid web and hollow WEB) have the advantages of firmness and durability, fire prevention, less light blocking and economy, while the disadvantages are poor maintenance, easy corrosion and poor thermal insulation performance

7. Wood doors and windows: high grade wood windows are made of laminated timber, which has the advantages of convenient processing and repair and excellent thermal insulation performance, but has the disadvantages of more light blocking, and the solid wood is easy to deform, crack and be eaten by insects

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