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Jilin Forest Industry floor can be said to be the most environmentally friendly, green and healthy floor in China at present. Because China Jilin Forest Industry Group has its own green wood breeding base, which mainly manages forest resources and carries out diversified development. The forest resource base operated by China Jilin Forest Industry Group covers an area of 1.35 million hectares, accounting for 7.19% of the total area of Jilin Province, and the forest coverage rate has reached 90.9%, ranking first in the development of forest areas in China, close to the international level. Jilin Forest Industry flooring, the raw materials used in the production of each flooring product, are all from trees and wood developed by Jilin Forest Industry Group itself. Next, I'll take you to introduce the knowledge of Jilin Forest Industry flooring

Introduction to Jilin Forest Industry flooring

Jilin Forest Industry flooring is a brand of Jilin Forest Industry Jinqiao flooring Group Co., Ltd. Jinqiao flooring group of Jilin Forest Industry Group is a group company with flooring as the leading product, which was established by China's Jilin Forest Industry Group in 2007. The company has 3000 employees and 480 professional and technical personnel. It has seven subsidiaries including Xinhe wood industry, Jinlin wood industry, Sanlin wood industry, pine wood industry, Huilin wood industry, Jilin Forest Industry Decoration Co., Ltd. and sales company. The design and production capacity of solid wood composite flooring is 5million square meters, the design and production capacity of laminate flooring is 6million square meters, and the total asset value is 800million yuan. It is the first flooring group enterprise in China, and it is also the solid wood composite flooring production enterprise with the largest production scale and the strongest comprehensive strength in China and even Asia

how about Jilin Forest Industry flooring

1 Jilin Forest Industry flooring production technology

Jinqiao flooring Group Co., Ltd. relies on the wood resource advantages of Jilin Forest Industry Group and continues to grow. The six flooring production enterprises under it adopt advanced technology and equipment from Germany and Italy, and the rubber and paint used in production are imported from Sweden and Germany according to European E1 level standards. The company is committed to Seiko and excellence. After years of exploration and continuous innovation,

2 Jilin Forest Industry flooring brand products

owned by Jinqiao “ Golden Bridge &rdquo& ldquo; Qimei &rdquo& ldquo; Lushui River ” Among the three brands, solid wood composite flooring has formed more than a dozen series and more than 400 varieties, such as multi patchwork, large and small single sided, antique imitation, imported materials, vertical patchwork, coloring, sports, geothermal, unlined and patchwork

3. Jilin Forest Industry flooring value concept

Jinqiao pursues “ Integrity, innovation, cooperation and mutual benefit ” Business purpose and “ Serve customers, contribute to society, and motivate employees ” And “ Be loyal, start a business harmoniously, and set up a factory carefully ” And thus formed the core values of the company, creating an excellent management and management team. Guided by the maximization of customer value, Jinqiao Group specializes in the processing and production of composite flooring, and has established a development strategy to highlight its main business and strengthen and expand the flooring industry

Jilin Forest Industry flooring - sales and service

with the continuous development of modern Internet, more and more people begin to use the Internet to earn business opportunities. Jilin Forest Industry Jinqiao flooring, closely following this trend, also began to sell its own brand of Jilin Forest Industry Jinqiao flooring products on the Internet. Create a trading platform on the Internet to facilitate customers to understand Jilin Forest Industry Jinqiao flooring and forest industry group. At the same time, it also builds a communication bridge between customers and forest industry group, brings environmental protection, green and integrity to every customer, provides consumers with more authoritative environmental protection flooring products, and enriches the purchase platform of Jilin Forest Industry Jinqiao flooring products

Jilin Forest Industry floor price

although Jilin Forest Industry floor has advantages in material and quality, it also has advantages in the price of Jilin Forest Industry floor. According to the understanding of the price of Jilin Forest Industry floor, the lowest price needs 160 yuan, and the highest price is about 2280 yuan. This price is the price of Jilin Forest Industry floor sold in the online mall at present, but in offline physical stores, The price will be different, and there is a price deviation in Jilin Forest Industry flooring sold in every place, so this floor price can provide you with reference





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