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It has been more than ten years since the whole wardrobe entered China from the West in the 21st century. After more than ten years of development and progress, it has shown the characteristics of diversification and personalization, and has integrated the European and American trends into Chinese culture. Like the development of European and American wardrobe industry, China's overall wardrobe industry has also entered a stable era of customization, environmental protection and integration. The stable state of the industry is followed by the era of huge profits in the wardrobe industry, which is past and has entered the era of meager profits. In the era of meager profits, the jungle law of the wardrobe industry will be brought into full play, and some uncompetitive brands will inevitably be eliminated. In the future, only the customized wardrobe brands that fully grasp the development trend of the industry can become the top ten brands of the overall wardrobe, occupy the market and win development. Wardrobe brands should grasp the development trend of the industry! The whole house custom furniture joined Deville

environmental protection wardrobe will be the theme of the future

"the strictest" environmental protection law in history. The introduction and implementation of the new laws and regulations will have a profound impact on all walks of life. The furniture industry is the first to bear the brunt. The implementation of the new environmental protection law will inevitably lead to the upgrading and transformation of a large number of furniture enterprises. Under the influence of the new environmental protection law, enterprises that have not successfully transformed will inevitably be eliminated. Moreover, with the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, health and environmental protection is the first choice in the choice of wardrobe products. For wardrobe enterprises, only taking the road of health and environmental protection development means there is a way out. Therefore, healthy and environmentally friendly wardrobes are favored by most high-end consumers. In 2017, eco-friendly wardrobe will continue to rise and maintain its mainstream position

the intelligent market is huge, so we need to prepare for a rainy day

according to relevant data, the market potential of intelligent wardrobe is huge. In 2010, the market share of China's intelligent furniture has exceeded 10billion yuan, and in 2017, it has rapidly increased to about 70billion yuan, and even has the potential to surpass other types of home furnishings. The broad market prospect will promote the intelligent development of the wardrobe and even the whole household industry. In the next few years, intelligent electronic devices will be gradually introduced into household devices. Integrate into the intelligent wardrobe Market, and integrate practicality, environmental protection and humanization into the brand characteristics of the enterprise. With its convenience and more personalized characteristics, it will win everyone's favor

vr technology has a great impact, and the personalized demand of products is becoming more and more obvious.

in 2016, China Institute of electronic technology standardization issued the white paper on the development of virtual reality industry in 2016. The report pointed out that China's virtual reality technology industry has great potential, but there are still many challenges in the application process. In the field of wardrobe, affected by the high business cost, more and more wardrobe enterprises will try to use vision and scene technology to meet the needs of consumers for different styles with richer visual experience. At the same time, the personalized demand for products is becoming more and more obvious, and this trend will continue to exist. The post-80s and post-90s have become the main group of commercial consumers. The big label of this part of consumers is to pursue themselves and advocate individuality. Wardrobe products driven by product personalization will become their favorite. When hardbound houses become the mainstream of real estate, more and more consumers may try DIY mode to offset the lack of personality of hardbound houses

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