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After signing the contract, the home decoration company began to decorate, but it was only a few days before the construction began, but the workers began to urge you. The medium-term project arrived, and you had to pay the medium-term payment, or you had to enter materials, and there was no money; When you occasionally come to the scene to check in the process of home decoration, the workers complain to you that there is not enough cassette and wood wire &hellip& hellip; The project couldn't be carried out. Although the contract had stipulated how many materials, the owner thought it was inevitable that there was a budget error, so he bought the required accessories according to the workers' assignment, because he didn't think there was much money, so he didn't record it in the account. But when there are so many things like this, I feel something wrong &hellip& hellip; When the decoration is over, you suddenly find that the paint peels and falls off, and what's more, the ceiling has fallen off. When you talk to the home decoration company, you can't find anyone! Yes, there is no doubt that you were severely slaughtered by the home decoration guerrillas

making an agreement with the home decoration company in the home decoration contract is only the first step, and the long road of home decoration has just begun. In the mid-term of decoration, there are also many places worthy of your attention. Experts remind you of important links such as payment time, decoration additions, construction technology, etc

first, you should also leave a receipt for buying small parts

home improvement guerrillas will always send you to buy this and that when you are on the scene, taking advantage of a small advantage. In fact, many parts are included in the project funds. The decoration foreman is struggling to find an opportunity to kill the owner. Once he has the opportunity, especially when the owner is purchasing the materials specified in the contract, he will always give you a list, what cassette is not enough, there are not enough wires, and two wooden wires are needed, etc. because it is secondary, the owner also feels that the money is not much, and it is not interesting to pay back, especially for male owners, Generally, I don't care

expert: home improvement guerrillas often seize the opportunity to exploit loopholes, so although they encounter the lack of such small parts and components, the money is not much, but buying on behalf of others is buying on behalf of others, and the account should still be calculated clearly. It is best to leave an invoice or receipt after each purchase, so that it is difficult to open and defend when you get it

second, the interim payment time is agreed in advance

if you want the interim payment in advance, you must pay attention to its motivation. Just a few days after the start of construction, the workers always said that they would buy materials, and there was no money, and the medium-term project had arrived, urging the owner to pay the medium-term payment. Regular decoration workers will not do this, but the sinister home decoration guerrillas often use this trick

expert: when signing a contract, it is best to limit the foreman by money, which has been proved to be the most effective for many times. In addition, it is better to specify what links, standards and money to pay, so as to avoid differences between them. The payment ratio is preferably 3:3:3:1, so that even if there is a problem, it can be stopped in time




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