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Concise and accurate, one-step in place - the concise series L9 intelligent lock can better fit the rhythm of modern people's life and work, and it is Qingwo's care for users' life feelings

what is the significance of smart home

every smart device brand expresses its understanding through products

Qingsong ward believes that the significance of smart home is not only to break the space constraints, but also to maximize the liberation of user time - thousands of miles away, one touch

because of this, smart items must serve the big concept of smart home to have long-term value. Compared with the "information island" smart devices, they can only obtain temporary convenience. Only with full Internet connection, universal adaptation and remote smart items can they realize the whole house linkage, so as to truly create a diversified composite smart home system

this is aomatsu Ward's in-depth thinking about future life. Based on this understanding of smart home, Qingsong ward launched a series of products to open a better life experience for every customer

concise and accurate, one step in place - concise series L9

avenue to Jane

Design for smart home product design, "Jane" and "clean" are two concepts with essential differences

Jane is a kind of experience

cleanliness is a kind of visual beauty

even though the inherent complexity of the product cannot be avoided, it is still necessary to build the use experience on the basis of ensuring the use function, while taking into account the visual beauty

designers have reached a clever balance in the accessibility and ease of use of product functions by comprehensively dealing with the complexity of product structure and interactive interface

"taking" is more complicated, "giving" is more simple, and only "taking" is appropriate, which is concise and friendly - just like Qingsong Ward's concise series

l9 is one of the most representative models

aesthetics runs through the design concept of

simplicity, and L9 is first manifested in industrial design

IML integrated screen is adopted on the surface of the machine body, with smooth light sense. The fuselage is covered with metal, which is clean and tidy, showing the speed and agility of the fuselage

the curve at the corner is soft, which balances the touch of science and technology and the breath of humanity, and is the best confirmation of the design purpose of "science and technology bear the beauty of life" advocated by Qingsong ward

life care

the same design concept is also reflected incisively and vividly in the functional design. When many smart fingerprint lock products in the market compete for functional superposition, Qingsong Ward's product designers believe that the stacking of functions not only makes the product structure more and more complex, but also inevitably affects the embodiment of core functions, which will only make users more "tired" and go against the original intention of the product

therefore, L9 is also simplified in function, realizing the feeling of "simplification, accuracy and one-step implementation". By strengthening the experience of the basic functions of the smart lock, every user can know everything at the moment of seeing and contacting L9, so that they can master and operate the product functions with the highest efficiency, and better match the rhythm of modern people's life and work

it is more about Qingwo's care for users' life feelings

behind the perfect function of nuclear "core" technology is the improvement of internal material selection and structural design

l9 is equipped with finger core encryption algorithm V2.4, which works with Swedish FPC sensor, 360 ° dead angle recognition, ensuring recognition rate and security; Independently design the motherboard scheme, which can meet the requirements of high protection level such as anti strong magnetic and anti-interference; The clutch is made of SUS304 stainless steel precision casting. Through the integrated design of clutch and direction knob, the experience is improved and the strength of key parts is further strengthened; Built in C-level anti-theft lock cylinder and three prevention lock body, cooperate with anti prying alarm, and establish a security closed loop to ensure the security of every user's portal

linked to the future

based on the understanding of the future, L9 is configured with WiFi networking module, which can cooperate with "Zhixin Zhijia" app to realize remote control function. With the cooperation of app, it is easy to carry out remote management, receive access information, pry proof alarm, low battery reminder and other information in time, and also realize personnel setting, remote unlocking, temporary password and other functions through app, so as to help every user master the situation at home at any time. At the same time, the whole process of remote instruction information transmission is encrypted to ensure the security of the user portal

from appearance design to internal function, the concept of "simplicity" runs through

use technology to implement care and make life more in line with users' expectations for the future

Qingsong ward L9 helps each user further towards their ideal life





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